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Anxiety muscle spasms?

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So recently diagnosed with anxiety, high anxiety. I’m always googling to see what’s wrong with me, I live my life feeling like something bad is gonna happen. Anything irregular with my body I assume, I’m dying or it’s some crazy incurable disease. Well lately I’ve been getting muscle spasms I mean they are all over my body, even my tongue and head. I had a head CT came back normal said it was anxiety, but as I would have it I keep thinking they missed something.. anyone else get muscle spasms from anxiety?

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I was told the same thing , I had cat scan 3 different type of blood work done everything normal . I been having muscle spasm all over my nerves be jumping in my body .its called HIGH ANXIETY

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KNW11 in reply to Naenasmommy

Thank you glad I’m not alone. I swear I’m losing my damn mind! Still feel like I am! Lol anything help yours?

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Naenasmommy in reply to KNW11

I will be honest with you yesterday in the whole month of April was the first day I felt normal, and that was because I told myself “face your fears “ all day I also had a panic attack wanted to run to the hospital.

But you have to distract your mind and except and change the way you think and this is coming from a person who suffers anxiety HORRIBLY BAD BAD BAD . I stopped eating RAISED MY PRESSURE all of the complications are not worth it

Funny... Wow

My tongue just started twitching last night at the tip on the right side... I've never been diagnosed with anxiety but I no I have it so needless to say, I'm over here going crazy....

Your not alone 💗

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KNW11 in reply to DetNative34

@detnative34I just commented on one of your posts ❤️ id like to think we are in the same boat! And of course the same worry when it comes to ALS. @naenasmommy that’s what’s so hard for me is being able to distract myself from pretty much my own body and mind, i Try and do things to clear my mind but it always comes back to excessive worry.

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