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what are these symptoms and what is happening with my body

helllo everyone once again so today i been getting this wierd feeling in my head everytime i stand up from bed or anywhere its like a energy they i get from my heart and up to my head that its like i cant relax are start twiching my headd and body its like i cant relax i get pressure in my head and it gets tite when it happens that makes my heart go fast and my pulse i dont know where all this is coming from but im getting a bit scared about it trying to find what is the problem because i never went through this before after a bad experince with weed now i been stuck with physical symptoms for over a year now none stop what could it be did it mess me up physically or did a mess up my nervous system i really dont know what it is and it cant be nothing because im feeling these things physically so i dont believe its nothing thats causing this that soppostly is my mind when i know its not i dont know its crazy .ugh goodnight

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Johnnie, maybe one day there will be an answer if weed is the cause of your anxiety symptoms. As of today, we can only continue to treat it as an Anxiety Disorder since your symptoms are the same as those who have never touched weed. It is crazy isn't it? Goodnight my friend, Sleep well


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