night-time problems

Does anyone else have dreams that make them wake up with physical symptoms like rapid breathing, sweating and panic. I have started to get them lately around 3 or 4am. If i am short of breath in my dream then i wake with the same symptom. Freaks me out and i really do not want to Google in case I find something else is causing it.

i would appreciate any help. Hopefully it is not just me that has this.


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  • This is nighttime anxiety our dreams can infact make us go into PANIC mode and when we wake up we have all of our symptoms of anxiety its super bad though because you wake up out of no where in impending doom and then eventually if it keeps happening you become insomniac due to not wanting to sleep an wake up feeling like your dying night terror may be an alternative term but i think night time anxiety is what is actually the term

    Only thing you can do is breathe and dont freak out easy said than done BUT it will all be over after you begin waking up"

    I used to get this quite often id wake up feel like i was dying and ran right to my parents room and scared them because id nearly fall when running lol

    Now i dont get them at all during my sleep

    Idk why or how i changed that but im so glad

  • sarahjaneR,

    The answer to your question do others wake up with physical symptoms that were in the dream is YES. That's why these dreams can be called nightmares. If you try to remember the dream, that can help. My anxiety or concerns can cause nightmares or bad dreams.

    If you are on medication, maybe contact your MD to see if there is a side effect that can cause your dreams. Maybe the meds can be changed.

    Then you might want to practice dream changing....Frequently during the day, practice how you want the dreams to change. Do that in your mind, or practice out loud as often as you can. Is not a quick fix, takes time and practice.

    Also, if you can remember the dream, try to look at your life to determine if your worries are carrying over in your dreams. By addressing ways to resolve daytime concerns may help your dreams be happier.

    Hope this is of some help to you.

  • Great help thanks, had some horrible nights lately, will try the dream changing. My worries are over my breathing even though the docs have said my breathing is fine. just have to control my feelings somehow.

  • Well, you have health anxiety or concerns....gave you some tips that have helped with nightmares I have had for 17 years. Are you on any psych. medications?...check with your Dr about side effects. Best wishes to you and a good night sleep! xx

  • thank you, I'm on no meds at the moment, just 2mg diazepam to take when needed. xx

  • Ok, "when need" directions are so darn unhelpful at times. May be you need to take it at night if you are having these dreams.

    Check with the MD who wrote that RX and get some advice...and get clearer directions on when to take the meds...."as needed" can mean 3 times a day, once at morning and evening, can mean NEVER, can mean when you wake up from a nightmare of about breathing problems and can't catch your breath. xxx

  • What’s your nighttime routine before bed? Might be worth cutting off anything work related after 6:30 (if possible - sometimes impossible with my job, don’t know about yours!), no caffeine after 5pm or earlier if possible (I’ve cut it out completely now), having a bath with candles and relaxing music, do some ‘mindfulness breathing’ with the help from a mindfulness recording - they’re on YouTube or you can get apps on your phone too. I used to get these dreams you’re describing as well as sleep paralysis every night and since I’ve changed my routine and added in mindfulness they’ve lessened dramatically and I now sleep really well - something I NEVER thought would be possible!

  • Thanks for replying. I try and wind down early evening now and hardly eat anything after 7pm. Don't go to bed late, have got a routine going, but have a job sleeping a whole night, usually wake around 4am ish. It's just lately these dreams have really frightened me. Well not the dreams so much as the way my mind seems to react to them and wakes me up. I've read a book on mindfulness but not sure I got the whole picture, will go back and re read it i think. I do play relaxation music in bed which seems to help some.

  • I’m not sure how much a book would help with mindfulness. Better to do rather than read - try YouTube or iPhone apps if you have an iPhone. Much more affective to listen to someone guide you rather than read - worth a go!

  • Thanks all for your help, comforting to know theres lovely people here for you when you need it. xxx

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