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Advise please

My anxiety is through the roof. But I’m slowly learning I have a problem. I have literally had every test going. And say in very healthy. BUT, does any one become so dizzy when waken from almost falling asleep? Or waking after a nap to find you feel so drunk with out alcohol. Can barely stand. My body vibrates all over. Arms tingling. Bumping in to every thing.

Is this another part of this dam anxiety?

Every day is a battle to live with these dying thoughts.

Does any one els have these wobbling sensations?


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Are you on medication?


No. Nothing. Iv been given all

Sorts of anti depressants and vertigo tablets. Iv tried them but refuse to take them

As they make me feel awful.


I get this everyday ive had severe genral anxiety and health anxiety for 4 years i have finally plucked the courage to take meds only on second day i take citolapram. I was given 20mg to take one a day i must admit the foirst one made me feel awful !! Extremely dizzy. Sick. Shaky. I wrote on here for help from orhers who said cut it half and start gradual it has taken me 30 hours to take me next tablet because i was so scared but i have finally taken it and i hope this wil help


Hi thanks.

I read your post. I keep the them with me constantly but never take. Iv been suffering for 3 years now. Still have tests. And every thing fine. Are the meds working for you now Hollie? Do they stop the dizziness? As all the leaflets say causes dizziness. And just puts me off taking them.

Thanks for your reply.


Ill be honest the dizziness has been worse. I always get dizzy everyday with anxiety and then it got worse and docs said its vertigo theres nothing i can do it wont harm me but that doesnt stop me panicking and feeling like im going to pass out. I got in a state when i had to take the tablet and when i felt the sode effect from the first tablet o just broke down i was so scared but im still here nothing terrible has hapoened i guess i just have to see how i feel afyer cutting the dose to half


You had some great advise on your last post. I should take it too. It’s just so hard to understand this problem.

It takes over your life doesn’t it.

And we just want our life’s back with no worry for nothing.


Yes its horrible but im going to try this at see what happens x


I wish you all the best Hollie.

Hope it works for you.

Take care x


Thank you if need to talk im here x


I have internal shaking / vibration for 2 years now. It literally feels like I swallowed a vibrating cell phone. People dont see it because it is a very fast moving shaking, but I also see it externally - my fingers and chest shake like crazy. I feel it in my legs, head, toes everywhere. But I also found that it improves when I reduce my stress level. I shake less when I take my ssri regularly, exercise 4 days a week and just try to be in charge of my mind.


I have the same. The vibration never goes away. It’s worse in my left hand up to my shoulder. But literally vibrate all over.

It just seems there is so much more going on than just anxiety. I try so hard to keep control over my mind. I’m learning. But some days are just way to much to handle.

Over thinking plays a huge part.

Thank you


Yes I agree. I even had an MRI of my brain done with ink (that lets them see all the veins or something in the brain) because I was afraid I had a tumor or ms or something. I even considered a lumbar puncture. Do you have stress in your life in other areas? I am trying to figure out if there is a common thread. I have a lot of stress, besides anxiety itself. Puh. 😒


I do tend to have quite a bit of stress in my life. But it’s mainly work. Most aches seem to come from tension when I don’t realise I’m even tensing. Glad your scans were fine.

This forum is fantastic. As you get to speak and see other people’s symptoms and see that so many of us have the same symptoms. If only we could put our fingers on why.

Do you know what started your anxiety in the first place?


Yes I have a theory. I had been really really depressed because my career wasn't going anywhere. Then I finally got the job I had been looking for and it lifted my depression a bit. I feel that depression can be like a protective layer- it numbs you. Without that layer I started feeling a lot of feelings that I had repressed. Guilt, disappointment, shame.etc . On top of that,.although I really liked my new job it was extremely stressful.


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