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Pregnant with anxiety please help!!!

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Pregnant having such bad anxiety I keep thinking something is wrong with me I will sleep and wake up with racing heart palpitations and I freak out and the only time I’m ok is when I have taken my medication I hate this I feel every single day like something is wrong I’m in constant fear of being ill. Does anyone else feel like this while pregnant has anyone had anxiety prior to pregnancy and since pregnancy noticed the increase in anxiety???

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My anxiety only really got uncontrollable after the birthday of my daughter 6 years ago.i know exactly how you feel hun and it’s horrible.your not alone and it can’t hurt you x

Your hormones are going batshit right now so it's not really surprising. Your body also undergoes a lot of physical changes while preggers so the palpitations and all that aren't surprising either. I'm sure they could do an EKG on you for peace of mind.

My son is 7 months now and I suffered from the same things throughout my pregnancy. How far along are you? Is this your first? I noticed things got a bit better late into second trimester. Your body is going through a huge thing. Can you go to your doctor just to get some peace of mind that you're ok so you can move on and enjoy your pregnancy.

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I’m 17 weeks pregnant an it’s my second I have a five year old girl but never had anxiety when I had her or after. I just got anxiety Summer of 2016 and through pregnancy it has gotten worse

Sounds just like me. I have a seven year old girl and I got anxiety/depression for the first time when she was about 3. So for me my anxiety has stuck around on and off for the last five years. Yes it got worse during my pregnancy because I would worry about something terrible happening. I ended up having a ruptured placenta at 38 weeks but he made it out safely. However anxiety went into overdrive right after the birth, I wouldn't be able to sleep because I was sure he was going to stop breathing. Every time I fed him I waited in anticipation of him choking. I had a slow recovery from my c section with infections and having to go on antibiotics. And then anxiety about my own health kicked in because I started experiencing physical symptoms so I was convinced I had some horrible disease.

This went on for about 4.5 months and it wasn't until I went to a new GP who has helped me. I still have it but it's a lot better. Such a different birth and experience as a whole then my first so keep that in mind for yourself. My advice to you would be to just accept that it's going to be a bumpy Road and that the pregnancy will only be a small part. Get yourself some good support from a GP/Midwife/Therapist etc ( wish I had done that)I absolutely love having my baby son even though it has made my mental health a lot worse it's made my life so much better as a whole and this anxiety/depression will pass one day.

Sorry for going on! Just know what you're going through and that you're not alone 😊 Hard work being a Mum even at the best of times!

I’m currrwntly 29 weeks pregnant and experiencing the same thing to the point I’ve ended up in ER two times they’ve ruled out blood clot, heart issues and I’m still convinced something is wrong I have chest pain muscle aches high heart rate.. I wasn’t like this with my first everyday I struggle I’m so overwhelmed hoping you’re feeling better I see this post was from a month ago

Hi there! Have you been checking your thyroid levels during pregnancy? If not that may be the cause ...if it is overactive it will definitely cause the symptoms you are describing . Hope u feel better :)

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