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Convinced my self I have lupus? Please read and help

Been making my self sick and worried causing my anxiety to really atteck me . I have blood in the urine that I can’t even see but it’s their when the doctor texts it , I have back spasms all the time that’s been their since I was 15 , but the blood in the urine just came up tested almost 2 years now . I’ve been driving my self crazy just googling stuff now and thinking I have lupus, I have to wait till January to see a kidney specialist and see what’s going on because I already got a CT done & camera into the bladder everything came back normal but still blood in the urine , I’m only 21 and have a toddler and this is really effecting me and making my anxiety worse not knowing what’s really going on :’(

I really need someone to talk to with someone who had the same thing !! 😢😢

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Are you a Selena Gomez fan ?


Not really why?


You know why !.

If you have lupus believe me you'd know about it.

So from having blood in your urine to kidney problems why lupus ?. Why not cancer or liver failure or kidney failure.


I think I have it because I had everything else checked out and everything came but normal all my CT scans & camera into the bladder . Now I’m waiting to see a kidney specialist


What other parts of your body is it attacking ?


I don’t know , I never been diagnosed. But I convinced my self I have it because of the symptoms I’m having


Lupus attacks your body in different parts. You feel like you have flu 24/7. If you had lupus you'd know about it.

You can have blood in your urine from just doing exercises, as your body rejects damaged red cells into your urine and these would show up on a urine test.

I know two people with lupus and both look terrible, thin, weak, one blisters in the sun because it's sun induced.

I highly doubt you have it.


I know but it’s weird that the blood in the urine has been their for 2 years! Thank you for the feed back though


If you had lupus or anything really serious you'd be seeing a specialist tomorrow.

It will be nothing. I

I've seen urine samples red with blood and it's been a simple infection.

Chill out and stop searching for something to fret over !!.

Go do something more exciting instead


I thought it was an infection too but I did so much urine test that no bacteria was found just the small trace of blood


Honestly , you're getting yourself all worked up over nothing and all you've got for sure is a huge hypochondriac mind game going on.

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