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New and can't sleep

Hi I'm new :)

I'm 32 from Leeds and I have social anxiety disorder.

Times I totally fine, other times my speech, hearing will go and it happens in supermarkets and with lots of people. I never seem to go to the bar either, but will after a couple of pints lol

I worry how people find me, little things to non anxiety folk are so much more of a issue with me.

On buses I use headphones and hope no one gives me eye contact

Relationship is fantastic though, my partner understands me and is here for me 100%

I'm on venlafaxine 37.5mg x2 daily

I've been on many antidepressants on and off since 18 years,

Is anyone else on them?

Just thought I'd say hi

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Hi and welcome.. I’m from the uk too ! Hope that like me you find this site really useful.


Thanks for the welcome. I already do, it's good

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