Scared and can't sleep

Good evening! I recently had pelvic pain and had an ultrasound. Nurse says nothing urgent what does that mean. but I noticed my stomach was also bothering me. I have looked up every symptom and trying to figure out what it is. I am now afraid it is pancreatic cancer or stomach as it seems I am loosing weight. I have never been so scared. I am so afraid I am peeing in a cup to look at my urine color. Am I really sick?


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  • They should be able to tell you a bit more detail if you ask your doctor to look at the results. X

  • Could be IBS though but you should really ask your doc for advice x

  • I am going to my GP tomorrow!

  • I'm so afraid it's cancer. I can't sleep

  • We all think the worst but am sure it will be fine. Even if you can't sleep just rest and try not to google anything! X

  • Hi im sure if the nurse said nothing urgent,thats good it means nothing serious,your doc should get the results and you will get the answers you need,anxiety feeds fear and makes us think the worst every time,i make that same mistake of googling symptoms as i have health anxiety,it does not help at all.Best not to dwell on it,just take comfort from a good result from your ultrasound scan,

  • Yes but that does not check my pancreas or stomach and that is what is affecting me now?

  • Let us know how you get on x

  • Don't search your symptoms, worse thing you can do, it never really helps an already anxious mind, you will only worry yourself more, just let the doctors take care of any health issues you may have, it's not easy to resist the temptation to search symptoms but if you find yourself going to google, try searching something that will help such as, dealing with anxiety or how to relax etc, anxious people always think the worst so your not alone with your worries :-) xxx

  • Thanks everyone! I have no idea what he will do. I have never been so afraid in my life

  • Hello everyone! So my ultrasound was negative. I then had a complete blood work of CBC which I do every year but it was very detailed and everything was normal. I was still worried so I saw the doctor and she told me that I was very healthy but I asked about a Ct scan! We did it this last Friday and the doctor called me Friday and everything was completely normal. Why do I still feel sick? Is it anxiety?

  • Sorry just scrolled down to your post.

    Yes it definitely could be health anxiety, everything's come back ok. But like me every little thing is heightened when we suffer from anxiety. I decided that after months of worrying about my health I needed a break, so I asked to be put on antidepressants.

    My gp asked me some questions and she decided to put me on them.

    I did a test online first before I went so I knew I needed a little help.

    Iv haven't felt this good in a lot of months.

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