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Help for dizziness..anxiety

Hello there guys

Just want to see what tips you guys got when you start feeling diziness or out of it..ive been able to cope with it little by little but sometimes there are days that it hits me hard where i loose control a bit..and tips or suggestions?

i convinced myself its part of anxiety beacuse when i feel very faint or dizzy and i take my blood pressure its a normal blood pressure..now its just being able to deal with it better

25 years old

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Hi, I get a lot of dizziness, on and off since 2009. When it hits I hold onto anything and I close my eyes for a few moments. Mine is usually caused by sensory overload - too much going on around me - so shutting it out helps me. XX


I think you’re suffering from vertigo because I have the same problem and I’m going to see a neurologist


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