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Citralopram desperately anxious, can't sleep, can't cope

Hi all,

I've just started on citralopram. Doctors have prescribed me this for anxiety and depression. I can't sleep, my hearts racing, I feel sick and feel dizzy. I haven't had much trouble sleeping as I'm so tired. I have a 2 year old and a four month old and I'm struggling to cope anyway and with not sleeping ontop of having a baby waking if I ever manage, I don't see how I can manage. Does anyone know of any better mediation or if this will go. I'm only 5 days in and am on the edge.

I became depressed and anxious during my second pregnancy as I had a form of extreme morning sickness which was debilitating and I couldn't get to work or look after my first child. My husband then said the classic, 'I love you but I'm not in love with you' not long after giving birth and despite wanting to work on things I can't pull it together to try and feel I'm just pushing him away further. I'd love any advice on how to cope with anything from kids to medication as I've really not been in a position like this before and I'm feeling desperately anxious with utterly everything and so low I feel like I'm being an awful mother. I don't see how I can work on my marriage when I'm such a mess!

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I'm sorry I really am, I hate the fact that anxiety can literally RUINNNN lives and make everything seem against you. I'm on the same page as you and i hope with patience comes ease. Tc xx


Hello , I'm a mother my self to my first child shell be 2 years old and and I can relate to your post about the bad anxious/anxiety feeling , I hate the anxious feeling I always feel like I can't even really be their for my child because I always feel like I'm walking on egg shells , I always gotta keep moving ' I can't keep still & my heart races fast to where my head hurts & I've been having trouble sleeping too , at night I can't sleep but I'm so tired always yawning , I go to sleep at 5am sometimes and get up at 10am with my daughter , I feel like that as well affects anxiety to get worse the less sleep you get the more anxiety we'll come , and the anxiety feeds off stress as well , I get stressed out really easily and it's not great :/ , I tired the meds too but I heard bad reviews about them , but everyone is different , if you feel like you should take em then do so ' if you don't like them and feel like their not working don't take them , what really helps me sometimes is actually cleaning .. it keeps me really busy and my mind clean , just know your not alone :)


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