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im a bit over reacting right now with my throat

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ever sense last night i ate food this feeling like i have something stuck in my throat and wont go down at all right now im getting worried i been drinking water juice soda but still i dont get it feels like it stuck in my throat not in the middle but sord of the side of my throat its getting annoying and getting me nervous i dont wanna choke or anything

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Hey there Johnny I was looking though your other posts on your account and I noticed something, I'm not a proper doctor but I think you have hypochondria, if you don't know what that is well its when you always think your ill in one way or another. Maybe I'm wrong but I think you should search it up and see. Just trying to give you some advice. I can assure you though that you won't choke on your food that you ate last night. If you were going to choke on it, it would have happened already when you was eating it, you probably just ate it too quickly and have indigestion or heartburn.

so you think i wont choke after all because its just there i could feel it when i swallow and i try throwing up lastnight and its still didnt come out

Also i want to say that i also think you have Anxiety, on one post you mentioned being in the car and wanting to jump out and sweating you might have been having a panic attack

yeah i do really bad i get nervous if anything and any little sympthoms i think something is wrong then my heart race like really fast and feel like im holding my breath or cant breath all this started after smoking canabis i been this way for 6months and dont really know whats wrong with me

Hi Jonnie,

It may be that you have scratched the side of your throat. Instead of water and juices, drink some milk, it's texture may coat any sore or irritation. If that feels better then you have a better idea what it might be. Then it will be just a case of letting it heal, and letting go of the concern


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Johnnie1234 in reply to Alun001

yeah but it dont feel like i scrashed it feel like i have something there its like probably food got stuck or something i been drinkins liquid still dont go down i try throwing up and still nothing i dont get it i dont know if i should see a docter

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Alun001 in reply to Johnnie1234


If your unsure then see the doc. However remember a scratch in your throat is not the same as a scratch on your hand for example the skin types are so different.

As you are focussing on it, it will feel worse. Distraction is useful if that is the case. Like all cases on this board, if in doubt, better safe than sorry seek medical advise for peace of mind.


Hello ive done this before ate cornflakes to fast & it scratched my throat after awhile it went away

put i feel like something is there stuck in my throat probably food or something when i swallow i can feel when i drink or eat something it goes down good but still feel it

Your title says it all sunshine.

If your best mate was experiencing these problems what would you say to them??? Would you say ' ooooh it could be something terrible. You might choke. I think you should worry about it so much that you cant relax. In fact why dont you think about it over and over again untill you are so frightened you cant sleep?

Would you say that? Im guessing not. I think you would say sonething like' get it checked out when you can but tryto relax. Maybe do some 7-11 breathing or have a rekaxing bath. If those ruminative thoughts keep coming dont grab hold of them....just let them go. If your throat still feels weird tomorrow go see your doc.'

So there you go. I would look up dr joe Luciani if i were you. He does great books and is contactable through his website.

Trust yourself...

Not the anxiety

im trying to eat my food now but im worried if my throat blocks or something

Hello how do your throat feel today??

hey wassup and still feel like i have something there its only when i swallow doe its already been 2 or 3 days i dont know if it something stuck in there food or is that im getting sick i dont understand

Oh sorry to hear that how have you made a Dr appointment

not at all i was thinking about heading to emergency room later on i dont know because the docter wont know whats wrong because it like in my throat you know

Yeah they will they will run test ask u 1st about your symptoms then go from there my son was like that & my daughter it wasnt nothing serious wrong it felt like something was in his throat for some days it went away on its own

yeah because ive been eating and swallowing but after im done eating i still feel it there i dont knoe what really it is

Since this feeling has not gone away it is time to go to the doctor.

yeah it just dont know to tell the docter i dont wanna sound crazy saying that i think i have food stuck in my throat because ever sense i ate it it feel like its in the side of my throat but wont go down or nothing i try to throw up or like bring up but nothing wont come up

Say to the doctor what you just said. No big deal. His or her job will be to solve the mystery. Nothing to be embarrassed about. You can do this!

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Agora1 in reply to Johnnie1234

Johnnie, please listen to violetgenie, she is right in that it's the doctor's job to get down to the bottom of what is causing this feeling. Believe me, doctors have seen it all and heard it all.

When you scratch your throat it causes localized irritation that swells just slightly. If it was going to close up, it really would have by now. I did this to myself several years ago on a Dorito of all things. I was scared to death but my doctor had me drink lots of warm liquids ( tea, decaf coffee, milk, apple juice, anything warm) and gave me the recipe to what is called magic mouthwash. Use equal parts Maalox antacid and Benadryl liquid. Gargle for 1 to 2 minutes then swallow. Don't eat or drink for 30 minutes after to give it time to time effect. If it works, you've found your problem. You can use it every 4 to 6 hours.

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Johnnie1234 in reply to Lm92

the problem is i feel like something is there because when i try to throw up i feel it going up then it goes back down i dont get it for some reason i keep thinking it probably the food that i ate got stuck in the wrong babe you know you have one for food and another one to breath i feel like it went in the ither tube abd it just there in my throat it just there and dont want to come out at all im trying to get out but still nothing

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Agora1 in reply to Johnnie1234

Johnnie, these are not the signs of food being stuck. As Anxietyfree said, if it were still going on today, set up an appointment with your doctor. See if something else is going on with your throat, but it's certainly not food that is stuck. Let us know..

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Johnnie1234 in reply to Agora1

i ate fish doe think something probably the skin went on the wrong tube

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Agora1 in reply to Johnnie1234

At this point in time, it isn't something that went down the wrong tube. If it were the skin of the fish that got stuck on the back of your throat, it would wash down with water. If it were food, it would be long gone by now. I don't know if you are fixated on that feeling now which is making it harder to ignore. OR... you have a strep throat or other physical issue. Get it checked out Johnnie if it continues bothering you..

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Johnnie1234 in reply to Agora1

yeah if it continues might go to the ER tonight

Look up the Lindon method for treating Globus hystericus.There is nothing in your throat.It is caused by tightness in the throat muscles ....very common in people suffering from anxiety.The chief clue is the fact that you can breath and eat and drink its not really true disphaga .

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