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Why dont I want to eat anymore?

I just don't feel like eating anymore. I mean I get hungry but I keep my self from eating. I think that if I do that it will give me cholesterol or diabetes. Is it just anxiety that's making me feel like this? I've also been feeling really strange as if I'm unreal or everything around me is unreal. I put my hand on my chest and my heart beat feels wierd. The doctors say that my heart beat is normal. I have also got strange feeling around my head. I just can't do this anymore.

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Hi xoxox,  What you have is "health anxiety".  You seem to be very knowledgeable in health issues.  I know you worry about cholesterol and diabetes as well as your heart to the point of not wanting to eat because of your fear that you will acquire these problems.  By not eating you are going to get something more serious and that is an eating disorder.  My daughter suffers from that so I am very aware of what it can do to your body and mind.  Our bodies need nutrients as well as our brain in order to be healthy.  If you don't eat, you may not get cholesterol or diabetes but it will be a trade off and you will go into Renal (kidney) Failure, Heart Failure, and other unpleasant conditions.  It is much better for you to eat healthy, exercise, sleep well and enjoy your friends. You will be healthier in the long run.  You are young and this is the time for you to start healthy habits that will follow you throughout your life.  xx


Hi xoxox. You're right, it is the anxiety that is making you feel this way. There is nothing physically that is wrong with you. But there could be temporary changes in biochemistry in your brain that are affecting your appetite and making you feel the way you do. They will return back to normal after some time, but you have to eat and take care of yourself if you want to speed your recovery


You really do need to visit your GP with these anxieties you are getting. At your age your hormones are going crazy and it could be that that is sending your mind spiralling in all sorts of strange directions. I know it's no good someone telling you all this but perhaps hearing from your GP that there is nothing psychically to fear will help. 



i feel the same im worryed


Watch out for that cos i had an eating disorder for years and had to have alot of therapy.i even did art therapy which really helped.i once got down to a ridiculously low weight cos i had that and got a stomach upset on top of it.please see your doctor before it spirals out of control:)


You must eat when you feel hungry. Talk to your doctor about your risks for diabetes etc so you can get it into perspective. The doctor can advise or get you to speak to a dietician about eating healthy foods.


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