Sudden numness 👎

Busy day shattered,having a cuppa and bang here we go numbness tingling and panic?👻We're does it come from trying to work through it acceptance is the key alone as everyone out but glad they can't see me like this feels horrible.think stroke starting but it's anxiety hormones and everything else .what I'd do for a good night sleep and to feel well .just a couple of days a week I'm not greedy 😜Going to iron ahh !!! Will distract me.hope u are all ok today 😇X


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  • Hi when I'm really bad I go and do my ironing . I also take on ironing for living as part of my cleaning business. Find by the time I've finished I've calmed down as I've been distracted. X

  • I keep getting this but at the same time my heart rate goes up and my muscles get really weak and achy, I’m so scared it’s heart related :’( xx

  • It's the adrenaline! Don't worry it won't be your ❤️ your heart rate goes up with the anxiety.take care don't panic xx

  • The doctor has referred me to a neurologist for the other symptoms but then said about getting my heart checked too because of me saying it goes up when I have these episodes and I’m so scared 😟 hope you are feeling ok anxiety really does suck xx

  • I hope all your test and investigations go ok .i have been a worrier for years then had my stroke and I'm a million times worse I'm obsessed with my health and symptoms!nite sleep well xx

  • I hope so too as I have awful health anxiety :( I didn’t feel like it was heart related I thought it just went up because of the other symptoms and maybe a bit of anxiety! I bet you are Hun I feel for you :( good night sleep well too!xx

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