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what causes sudden attacks?

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as the title says, i was wondering what causes attacks when you aren't doing anything in particular. i know i have attacks in settings where i feel overwhelmed but there is a very clear cause to that compared to ones that happen come up when i'm calmly doing something i enjoy. those tend to make me feel terrible both physically and mentally. i thought attacks were caused by thought and mood, not that they would suddenly appear and put you in a worse mood newly equipped with thoughts of how it's unfair that you have to deal with it.

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Hi Bitsnoken, are you talking about heart attack or panic attack?

Panic attack is a scarlet experience but once you do a research about it, you will be able to control it.

Heart attack is more serious.

I advice you to see your GP to do further checks.

I hope that helps.


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bitanoken in reply to Mohh

was talking about panic attacks. i hope i'll stop having them.

Been wondering the same thing. When I'm in a stressful situation I'll have an anxiety attack that may last around 20 minutes or so, but sometimes I'll get these very intense quick attacks when I'm just relaxing... It will be like 30 seconds of shock, where my heart races, my focus goes, legs go weak, etc...

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Mohh in reply to Jpsurf760

Do you feel like you are going to drop or die when you get the attack. Do you feel your chest getting very tight, you feel your heart beat faster and your breath heavily and faster? And you feel your stomach burning? If you get all these don’t worry it is just a panick attack which you can control but not scaring yourself.

Always seek medical advice from health professionals



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Jpsurf760 in reply to Mohh

Yeah, I know it's a panic attack. It's not an issue of thinking I'm actually going to die, it's the uncomfortable sensations that are the problem. Most people who have panic disorder understand that they aren't in actual danger, but that alone does not solve the problem.

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Mohh in reply to Jpsurf760

I have learnt how to control my panic attack just by breathing in and out. I stop it half way through because I know in advance that it is going to do nothing to me. My trigger is the thoughts.?i still can’t control my thoughts that’s why I can’t get rid of my panic attack and it’s keep coming back

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bitanoken in reply to Jpsurf760

i know exactly what you mean with the longer ones. it's really terrible. good luck getting through them and getting rid of your anxiety completely. bless bro

Good question. If you provoke your anxiety it's understandable why you may have an attack. I too have experienced moments/heart flutters that seem to come from nowhere when i'm feeling happy and not stressed.

much luck to you with dealing with them. it's pretty difficult when you know you're not doing anything to cause them and they still show up

I get those too but I think it can be just stress built up that we haven’t let out yet, idk if that made any sense lol

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bitanoken in reply to pink83737

yeah, i could see that actually. a lot of times we're unable to deal with all of the stress that comes at us so it'd make sense if it'd randomly come out.

An excellent book and program has helped me tremendously. Dare by Barry McDonough. He really helps you get comfortable with panic attacks to the point you don't even get them anymore. Please look it up!

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bitanoken in reply to Lexus718

will do, thanks!

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Jpsurf760 in reply to Lexus718

Dare+ Hope and Help for Your Nerves By Claire Weeks are the excellent!

I know what are you talking about. I have the impression that anxiety has some time shedule in your head, like it't "time for a panick attack" and you start to wonder why is it? There are no reasons for that. I've noticed that even after you have passed over the irrational fear, these kind these after this.

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bitanoken in reply to Staciel

that's exactly what it's like. it's as if you're so used to having the attacks that they become automated, whether you've done something to have one or not.

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Staciel in reply to bitanoken

Agree! This is already proven by me after having 3 periods of general anxiety. But it passes with time. You almost feel how your body changes after the anxiety is gone.

I was told these are called breakthrough anxiety. I have a feeling that it's genetic and that chemical imbalance is also part of it. I don't think they go away, panic attacks. I have had them since I was 15 and now am nearly 64 years old. Our bodies are designed for fight flight so making anxiety go away probably can't be possible. It's a built in protection system. Learning to deal with the anxiety and treat is might be the only way to live with it.

Hi bitanoken. I too have experience the same as you. I luckily don't have many full blown attracts but one I had one at the hairdressers completely out of the blue. I have also had them when waking from a vivid dream. I feel as someone who can't always control my thought the anxiety builds up over time without me noticing. I have head that it can be an adrenaline rush which sort of make sense. As adrenaline is a hormone we need in a fight or flight situation. As others have said breathing exercises have help me. Also I am having CBT therapy to help me see thinks differently which is a great help. Wishing you all the best 🙂

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i'll have to look into more breathing exercises, thanks!

i've been there too i'll get up first thing in the morning and i get a panic or anxiety attack seemingly for no reason strange not sure why that happens there has to be something on the mind that you are not aware of. i really hate when it happens it ruins my whole day

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bitanoken in reply to fib4

oh late reply but i feel that. you could be having the best time of your life but when it happens suddenly you just feel drained and depressed. i hope you have better days buddy.

I have suffered with instant panic attacks and they can be triggered if even I am not stressed :( my heart rate goes up alot, I can feel my heart beating fast, and I feel like I cant breath. Its a sad thing , because its scary and you always think why is it happening. I take no meds or drugs for it. I try to think about something funny, put ice on my forehead or chest and that calms me a little. Sometimes they happen in the middle of my sleep and wakes me up in a panic. They can last 10 mins or even several hours :( been to many Dr’s and emergency rooms, they say its anxiety...wish it would go away. But have learnt to handle them, but still find them unpleasant. Hang in, think positive and meditate. 🙏

thanks, you as well. good luck dealing with everything

been there lots of times myself they seem to come out of the blue. and i always get them at work under stress. i can usually bring them under control on my own but what makes them worse is when people around me get freaked and keep asking me if i'm alright that makes them worse so i just tell people to leave me alone i;m alright!! gees can't even have a panic attack on my own LOL!!!!!!

What Really Stinks About Anxiety [ besides anxiety itself ] Is "Spillover". You Have "Trigger Points" & Then That Pesky "Spillover" !* Those Rushes Of Adrenaline That Come Outa Nowhere Where You Can't Pinpoint What The "Trigger" Was !* I Hate Those Too. But ? I Have To Except It As Part Of Having A Anxiety Disorder. I Make My Anxiety Worse When I Try To Figure Out "Why", "Where", & "How" ?* It's Kinda Like Your Body Has Now Become Used To The "Adrenal Dump" & Just Wants To Remind You It's There... Most Of The Time Without Even Really Thinking About It You'll Realize Outa Nowhere What Triggered You That Day...If Not ?... It's "Spillover". No BIG Deal. Your No Different Than Let's Say A Person With A Knee Problem. They Are Doing Well For A Wile, Then They Take A Step & Bam ! A Sharp Pain Hits & They Are Like "Where Did That Come From" ?* Then ?* They Realize It's Their Knee Problem & Go On With No More Problems That Day.... "Spillover" From Anxiety Disorders Are Just As REAL...

Prayers For Ya My Friend.....

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Agora1 in reply to TriggerPoint

I agree with your response, so hence your user name is "TriggerPoint" :) x

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