Why now? Why do I all of a sudden feel this way?

It came from seemingly nowhere and I can't figure it out, I have had bad anxiety now for three weeks, I have been to the doctors and given propranolol which on the whole works, but there are times when even my anxiety can beat the pills, I hate this feeling, its exhausting, if I cant understand how it started how do I know it will go away?


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  • Hey, sorry to see you're going through a bad time. My anxiety started back in November but I'm the same as you, I have no idea where it came from or why it started happening and it sounds like you're a bit like me, in that it makes you feel so much more anxious and low because of this. I don't know how we know it will go away, I guess we just have to believe and hope for it (when we can) or otherwise we'd never beat it and constantly fall apart. I'm glad your meds are working out so far, this site is really good too and has helped me a lot. People are really supportive and don't mind if you just rant away at how bad you feel, they only care. I hope you can also find solace here too, we're all here to fight this horrible feeling and I'm here if you ever want to talk : ] Have you had anxiety before? x

  • I have never had anxiety before, I have felt low before, we all have, but I knew when this started that it wasn't normal and it scared me to death and I tried to cover it up, which didn't work and my mum made me go to the doctors. It just came from nowhere and people ask "has something caused this" or "what were you doing when you started feeling anxious" and the more people ask the more I bottle up, I try to explain that I do not know. I feel they think that I am lying or being dramatic. Thank you for explaining that you are the same as most people seem to have a reason for anxiety. I am positive about this site as I feel talking with people who understand will really help me.

  • Hiya and welcome,

    Count me in the havent got a diddlies club, Mine started in January. I used to be so outgoing, confident and hated being indoors. Now i hate leaving my house, talking to people, being around people including family at times and i dont know what triggered it. Being strong for too long i think lol

    I do believe that i will get better,i have to believe it or id end up crazier than i am already.

    Try not to dwell on it too much, come on here and have a chat instead of worrying on your own.

    Love Cookie xxx

  • I can understand that completely, I have felt like curling up in bed and not leaving this house, but just now I am forcing myself out, to do things and keep going. I was like you, I used to be very strong and nothing greatly bother me, now the least little thing can reduce me to a sobbing wreck. I have found the short time on this site has lifted me today, reading other peoples posts has been very helpful.

  • This site and the people on it, have helped me so much. I hope we can do the same for you. You can talk about anything you like which is good as some days i dont want to talk about my illness, i just want to chat and have a laugh.

    I look forward to getting to know you xxx

  • I look forward to it too, yeah some days you are just so desperate for something else to occupy your mind than think about anxiety or have feelings of anxiety. I totally get that :)

  • Sounds exactly like me. Do you still have your anxiety

  • I do still have anxiety. I think Im in it for the long run. I wasted way too much time thinking it was curable. Eventually I realised I had to make some sort of peace with it. It helps. But it still dosent go away. For a whole year I took 3- 40mg propranolol a day. Then I realised I didnt feel any better and I stopped taking pills. The thing is I have more good days than bad days. Anxiety makes you obsessed with the bad days which can drag you down. Its very hard to see positives. But they are there. Exercise as much as possible. Learning to spot anxious feeling can help. But if im totally honest, anxiety bursts out at any moment and makes you feel horrid and insecure. I just keep telling myself that it will pass. When the anxiety returns, I tell myself its because I have a disorder and it will pass. The trick is to keep telling yourself it until you start to believe it.

    These are just my opinions and some things I try to do. Speaking to others will help. Everyone has different ways to cope. And thats all any sufferer can, find a way to cope.

  • Oh gosh you do sound so similar. I still sometimes get it into my head that people think I'm lying but please try to let go of that because it will only make you feel worse. If people think you're lying then they are seriously not worth spending any time with. I (and everyone on here) completely understand that this is such a hard thing to live with and just feels so nasty. I wish I could, and still try to put my finger on what was going on and why it started but like you say, it's impossible and I end up getting so upset.

    I think there are a lot of people like us who don't know where it all stems from though, so don't feel alone. It's very frightening. Don't let anyone (especially yourself!) make you feel that you're being over dramatic or lying. I think it's really hard for people to understand if they've never been through it themselves, and perhaps a lot of people won't - a lot of my closest friends who I thought would be great just don't know how to handle it, but it's not their fault really. Just remember it's the people who understand and just simply accept that you don't know why it is, but it's hellish, upsetting and oh so real to you, so are there for you.

    The site really does help, sometimes when I'm so anxious I can't even put words down so I just read people's posts and comments and that can even help. Hope you start to feel a bit better as the day goes on x

  • What your saying really does resonate, this is all fairly new to me but I can see that I am too hard on myself, I expect myself to get better right away, I expect to jus stop all the horrible thoughts and feelings, I am definitely having to work on realising that I will be ok and that I am not at fault.

  • You'll get there! Be kind to yourself and realise what you're going through is huge and really difficult. You're definitely not at fault and you will be ok, I believe we all will one day! But I still despair that there's nothing that can just stop it and make it go away too x

  • Hi , just wanted to say Welcome , you are not on your own any more & hope you feel you can talk on here , it really helps & like Cookie says at times you might even find yourself laughing

    Keep talking it does help




  • Hi mjl90, sorry to hear that you are suddenly just experience anxiety. It can be very scary and daunting. Please bear in mind you are not alone!

    I have had anxiety and panic attacks for a number of years and everytime i get an attack or feel my anxiety coming on, it feels like the first time everytime. It doesnt get any easier.

    Do talk about your anxiety and do not be ashamed or scared to express how you feel. so many people struggle for years and never talk about it and it just makes it worse and creates other problems.

    The fact you are already talking about your anxiety and wanting to do something about it is refreshing! that takes real strength, whether you believe it or not. ;-)))))

    I havent been on her for months and i have missed this forum. coming back has made me realise how friendly it is! Thanks everyone!xxxx

    I just wanted to let you know of a website i am using for my anxiety - it may help you. w w w. a n x i e t y r e b a l a n c e . c o . u k

    Take care and stay strong!


  • Hi To All, I can relate and I am getting better now. my anxiety starting in my late teens. I dont know what triggered it off. i just remember one day waking up feeling like i had been run over. Night after night i kept feeling like this. After waking up feeling terrible each day, it started to move into my daily routine. i started to feel tired, paranoid and just very uneasy like everyone and everything was against me.

    After a few months of losing sleep my day to day job suffered as i couldnt concentrate and then anxiety started to really kick in. when i was with customers my whole body would start to shake. my mouth / lips wouldnt stop from shaking. i could feel my whole body start to burn up. It was terrible and i couldnt control it. My heart rate wiould also increase to the point i could hear it pounding in my head. i was so scared i didnt know what was happening.

    I got so paranoid people could see me turning into a wreck that i just stopped putting myself in situations where i had to speak. after months of turning into someone I wasnt i decided i had to leave work. it was making me worse and I just couldnt handle it anymore.

    i was living at home at the time and my dad knew something was wrong and said he would help me until my head was clear. he had no idea how bad i was.

    After months of not being able to sleep, not communicating with people, my dad said i couldnt carry on like this and that i needed help. I saw my doctor and this is when my doctor said i was probably suffering with depression and anxiety due to stress in my life.

    I must be honest, pills / medication do not excite me. my mum took many anti depressants and they made her worse and i wasnt in a rush to start taking them.

    My dad was losing patients with me and told me i had to do something other than just mope around the house.

    I couldnt find anything to help me and to be honest couldnt be bothered to try and search for something that i thought didnt exist. My dad was constantly on my case, all the time, which made me feel even worse!! but give him his due, my dad also found information about anxiety rebalance with carl sheppard. I have also started coaching for my anxiety. i am very impressed and would recomend people look into it. good luck.

  • Same sort of thing happened to me today, was just setting up a new television and came all over weird, i thought it might be the tv but i have moved away from that now and still being getting these sort of panic attacks, a little short of breathe and light headed and confused, never had anything like this before, not sure if it is anxiety or something else.

  • wow sounds just like me. any resolution since?

  • I know this is an old thread, but did you take Cipro or Levaquin leading up to your anxiety onset? This class of antibiotic can cause chronic, severe psychiatric events, and doctors often fail to make the connection (although the label clearly lists these effects). This may not help you, but I thought I'd throw it out there. Cipro introduced me to anxiety almost a year ago.

  • My anxiety kicked up about a year ago. I've always been a bit high strung, so I think I just finally snapped. There were some really bad times, really depressing times, and really desperate times. My anxiety morphed into health anxiety, because I needed a way to focus my anxiety. So I honed in on diseases. This lasted months, and it still lingers now-but nothing near what it was.

    I only started to feel better when I focused on myself. Why was I upset, is my life how I want it to be, am I truly happy, am I running from something. In the end, after months of work, I found answers to all of those.

    That didn't stop, or ease, my anxiety though. But that's because I spend roughly 8 months on highly anxious overdrive and I sent my body into a tizzy. Anxiety drives all kinds of chemicals through your body. You do it long enough and you form a "free floating anxiety" which is truly an anxiety that has no cause. Your body is just overloaded with noxious chemicals which should be reserved for life or death scenarios.

    I found reprieve when I fully accepted my anxiety. I stopped fighting it, I stopped researching it, I stopped letting it scare me, and I stopped trying to figure it out. I just let it be. That's how you get the chemical reactions to stop, and you start to deplete the reserves that have built up and are wrecking everything.

    And trust me, those chemicals do damage. At one point my arms were on fire all day long and I was extremely weak and would shake.

    Give it time, and focus on mindfullness techniques. Give your mind a rest, and let your body catch up. Eat right, get plenty of sleep, exercise, and work on you.

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