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sudden trauma

Hi I`ll make this as short as i can.. I`v been the main caregiver for my parents for five years ..both mom and dad have alzheimer's,I`v not been able to work or earn a living in that time.. and because so much of my time has been taken up with the daily grind I have been unable to maintain a steady fullfiling relationship with anyone ...Since my only brother lives a great distance from us he has been unable to help much with the care of our parents .With being single and having no real support other than the Health Authority here in our community ..which have been very helpfull with Home Care and adult care Facilities.But this is not a thing that one person can handle really at any level by themselves.we are in a community where the waiting list for Care is deppresingly long It can take years to find a spot for my folks..Ok so there is some of the background to my daily issues..would like to hear from anyone about his subject or really anything else related to our mutual anxiety depression issues....peace and love...steve

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Hi Steve

Welcome to the site :-)

I feel it's a bit quite & slow today on here as we seem to have a few technical issues but hopefully in the next few days these will be sorted otherwise by now I have always found people are so friendly & understanding you would have had quite a few welcome messages :-)

It sounds that you have a lot to deal with I am sorry to hear your parents have alzheimer's

My Grandma had this to & I think it was from what I observed at the time more stressful & upsetting for family to watch their loved ones suffer from this than anything else

My Grandma did get a place in a care home & it's shocking to hear your parents are having to wait so long & you seem to be the sole carer for them , what a lot of pressure for you

Are you getting any help with your anxiety & depression , I do hope so

Keep talking on here , as soon as people get on you will find you will get some great support & it does help to feel you are not a lone with how you feel





Its agreat site I look forward to helping and being helped in return. Were all in this mess together....peace and love....



Stay strong, you seem to have the weight of the world on your shoulders! You are doing so well and I hope you find a safe place for your folks soon! My nan had this to and in the end we did find a nice place for her. Find some time to be kind to yourself, if you can x


Hi thank you for your kind words...xo steve


Hi Steve... I just thought I'd show some support for you... I live with my mum and luckily with my bro too so he shares daily chores... My mum is nearly 80 n really in the grand scheme of things ok... She has a lot of pain but other than that ok... Our prob is she is giving up n wants to be waited on hand n foot which is hard!!

Anyway I'm on my phone n it's not easy to reply but just thought I'd say hi n I empathise with your situ!! Ker xx


Thank you anne..This morning has been a tough one. Nice to have your kind words to greet me..peace and love...xo steve


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