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What meds work?

I’m struggling with anxiety on a daily basis. What bothers me most is my stomach. I guess it’s my “nerves”.

Anyway, what medications have helped anyone? I’m trying Wellbutrin but not sure if it’s helping- I’m on a pediatric dose! Even though I’m in my 40’s. I’m trying to not overwhelm my body with a dose that is going to make me even more anxious.

What about vitamins or natural supplements? I heard about 5-HTP, vitamin B12, etc.

Need advise on what can help!

Thanks everyone.

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I've recently started going to a naturopath.

She has given me multivitamins, calcium,magnesium, b vitamins. I am noticing a difference and it's been about 2 weeks.

My stomach is also bothering. I feel what I perceive as hunger, and then I panic if I can't eat. I have gained weight and I hate myself and how I look.


Thanks-it's not easy trying to figure out what works. All the pysch meds produce so many side effects. It's almost like you have to suffer for weeks until "you give the med time".

I read that Omega3, Vitamin b12, vitamin d, sam e, and a probiotic should help with depression/anxiety.

i'm trying and praying to get through this. God knows each one of our struggles.


What is the issue with your stomach - pains or upset tummy etc? I get IBS which is triggered by anxiety. To manage this I take mebeverine before meals but find most effective Imodium in the morning so I can get out the house! I've recently been struggling more with nausea but going to try some travel sickness tablets to see if they help after a recommendation. Good luck x


Nausea and dull pain. Poor appetite. I'm thinking its the Wellbutrin I just started (75mg) or anxiety. If it continues, I'm probably going to stop the Wellbutrin. I just don't know what to do.


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