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Intrusive thoughts

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I'm wondering if any other anxiety sufferers get intrusive thoughts. My anxiety has changed a lot over the years and the current hallmark of it is intrusive thoughts.

Of course they have to be about my boyfriend.

When I'm away from him I'll get terrible thoughts and they make me feel sick and guilty. Like I should break up with him, or he isn't good enough for me or I should not respond to the text he just sent me to be antagonizing. I don't give into them like before, otherwise ibwould end up being a super jealous and clingy girlfriend. I don't want that.

I just want these thoughts to go away because I get them so much I'm afraid it will start to eat away at the love i have for my boyfriend.

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I suffer intrusive thoughts and what I have learned is do not attach to the thoughts otherwise they will come back and back instead got to accept them let them have their space just carry on like normal don’t question them nothing at all and you will see they shall subside it is hard at first but it does get better x

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