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Intrusive thoughts


Hey guys i can really use some support/guidance. I've been struggling since last week when I woke up with the shakes. I've been battling with intrusive thoughts of panic that causes me to have panic attacks. Trying my very best to let it and not be bothered.

My brain is extremely sensitized and the slightest intrusive thought sends me into panic mode. I'm at a loss.

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Try to think.nice thoughts have you ever tried an app on phone for relaxation

Have you ever tried jigsaw puzzles? Its monotonous but keeps you focused.

Hey Dnel, I hear you, I can understand what you are going through. However, only you

know what brought on those shakes and intrusive thoughts. Something changes in our

lives that causes us to feel overwhelmed with no solution in sight. The minute that happens our whole body and mind get over sensitized to every sound, smells and what

we think. The negative thoughts overtake our minds causing more fear to grow until we

either stop it through meditation and deep breathing or we go into panic mode.

I get to that point at times where I feel I've been pushed into a corner and no way out.

That's when we need to develop a plan that will take us out of that situation. A chill pill or

trying to relax is not going to do it unless the root of the cause is taken care of.

If the situation causing the intrusive thoughts and panic mode are impossible to change

then we need to work on our acceptance of the situation and how we can deal with it.

In either case, it's about having a plan.

We are here for each other, hopefully one of us may say something that will break that

struggle for you Dnel. Good Luck :)

Great advice!!!

this post might give you some ideas

I struggle with intrusive thoughts as well, but mine are usually more self-destructive than panicky. Like: "You should drive into the snowbank and see how many people care." or "You should put your hand on that hot skillet just to see what it feels like." I try to look at them logically, try to debunk them so-to-speak. So I'll answer it with a counterargument such as "I already know that people care about me and I couldn't afford to pay to fix my car if I drove into the snowbank." or "I know what a hot skillet would feel like, it would be painful."

I get those too! "You should run over that person on the side of the road" or see it as an image. I also have images of stabbing when I'm around knives, so I avoid using sharp knives and cooking. I've been working hard at just allowing those thoughts and deem them unimportant - rather than fighting them. Everyone has random thoughts, we just tend to take these serious and it makes them more prevalent! It's an ongoing challenge, but I'm up for it! I've learned so much, I wish I would have had this community 20 years ago when the first one crept into my mind!

Do you have underlying issues from the past or something? As a recovered Anorexic I had many intrusive thoughts during my forty years of illness. It was the eating disorder voices in my head. I don't know your situation. Good luck. Be strong. Maybe need professional help.

Beevee in reply to art62grammie

Hi. I’m curious about anorexia, bulemia etc. I believe they are just a different form of anxiety and that the root cause is the same. Fear or fearing the feelings of fear. The same might apply to bi-polar too. If you are prepared to share your experiences and how your anorexia developed, I would like to learn more. If the cause is rooted in fear, I believe the cure is also the same which is learning to accept the thoughts and letting them go without resistance. In other words, losing respect and the fear of those intrusive thoughts. Naturally, I will fully understand if you do not wish to respond.

Best wishes


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