Which comes first?

I can never tell which comes first..am I anxious and then I feel all the weird symptoms, or do I feel the weird symptoms that make me anxious. I always think I feel the symptoms first which leads me to fool myself into thinking it's not anxiety and "Omgsh i must have something wrong with me". Lol my symptoms aren't always typical pounding heart and shakes..it's more a sense of unease, weird thoughts, uncomfortable feelings in my body that I can't even describe, stiff neck, full head, dizziness, unable to focus and rushes of fear for no reason throughout the day which always has me thinking it's not just anxiety. F*** how did I end up here again. I was doing so well!


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  • That's a good question. For me, i think our subconscious brings on the anxiety and the physical symptoms are coupled with it. But of course, it's our subconscious... so we don't always know when we are inadvertently thinking of something that makes us nervous and therefore... we feel the symptoms and then we notice that we get anxious from the symptoms. Totally understand where you are coming, the rushes of fear are HORRIBLE. They happen anywhere and at any given moment. Hate them!😩

  • Yes! I totally see what you mean and it makes sense! No fun at all

  • I feel like I could have written this. Symptoms of anxiety are ruthless!

  • My god, you've just described me, I feel everything you have written, I thought I was going mad. Always thinking there is something seriously wrong with me. I even ended up in A&E on Wednesday because I felt so unwell, but all my tests come back normal, for which I'm thankful for, but still feel really rough. Anxiety, horrible horrible illness.😔😔😩

  • I feel ya. I sometimes think it would be easier if they actually found something wrong but I know that isn't true so I stay grateful for my health

  • I remember thinking that way jessicao. But watch what you wish for...It's best to stay grateful for whatever we are given in life. (things could be worse) Stay Positive x

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