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Hey everyone! It's my first time posting here, but I've been coming here for reassurance for about 5 months. I have really bad anxiety that started 4 years ago after my grandfather passed away. I've always been scared of death, and having someone so close to me pass away, triggered my anxiety badly. I get really bad physical symptoms; chest pains, headaches, dizziness, weird tingling in my head, numbness in face, but the weirdest feeling is when I feel like I'm literally gonna lose it. I feel like I can't control myself. I can't wait to get home and hide from everyone. I've definitely lost friends and interest in everything. I need help guys.. Everything is crashing down and I'm only 24. I shouldn't be worrying 24/7. I appreciate you all and I look forward to posting on here more often. :)


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  • 😩 sorry to hear you feel this way. I lost my grandad last year and he was like a father to me, one of the best things in my life, I no how you feel. I too have always feared death. I'm 26, my anxiety started around 7 years ago. Are you on meds, having any therapy?

    Try doing relaxing things for yourself, nice deep breaths, and distracting to take your mind off how your feeling.

    Hope your ok x

  • I'm sorry to hear about your loss /: it's hard because you think that people will be with you forever. Then the reality sets in. But I hope you're recovering and doing well now. I'm not on meds for it. My doctors have tried to put me on everything. From narcotics to mood levelers.. I've always denied taking them because I'm scared of side effects. I don't like trying new meds. I'm looking into therapy though. I heard that it's really effective.. thank you for your swift response! You're appreciated.

  • Ebbbet, I'm glad you came here to post this time. I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather. It is true that when someone close to us dies, it triggers emotions

    deep inside us. With me, it was my mother passing 5 years ago. I've since been

    afraid to go out and suffer with immense anxiety. I hide too. I've lost friends as well.

    No matter what age, the trauma is real. At the age of 24, it's true, you shouldn't

    be worrying 24/7. You have a life ahead of you. Coming on here for emotional

    support will help as well as maybe seeing a therapist to express your fears. The

    symptoms can be mind blowing at times but will lessen as you come to get

    control of your thoughts. We are all here for you just waiting to help. Take care.

  • It's so scary going out sometimes. I don't know what the day has planned for me.. it gets to the point where i try to stay close to home incase I need to run back and hide here. I'm very sorry to hear about your mom, also :/ nobody deserves that.. but I am so grateful to have people on here that I can come to. My boyfriend is extremely understanding and will listen until I'm done talking, but of couse we don't think anyone completely understands how we truly feel. Hope everything is better with you though! Enjoy your day (:

  • yeh same this will be my first post also, having the same issues at 23 :/ been having heart palps since i was 16 but managed to overcome that somewhat by dropping the energy drinks. now i have dropped the smoking and its all gone to pot having silly attacks most days mostly thinking my heart is going to stop while im going to sleep, i have helped myself mostly as i'm quite embarrassed about the whole thing. Medetation videos on Youtube are what does it, that way has helped me a lot but i was in the shop the other day and had to run out i had a meltdown looking for chicken. I know i'm not in any situation to give advice but i thought a few pointers wouldn't go a miss.

  • That's really good that you noticed what was giving you heart palpitations, and you stopped drinking them. And it's a great thing you cut out smoking. A lot of people will know they have a problem and just complain with no intension of doing anything to fix the problem. But I'm so glad you caught it and tried to make it better. I agree with you tho, I've helped myself most of the time. Because I'm also embarrassed about the whole thing. Ive Only been to the hospital about 3 times because of it only because I don't want people to feel sorry for me. I'll try to check out the videos on YouTube, so I can do something about it instead of just waiting for the attacks to "pass". Thank you for your advice, try posting here more often, I will do the same. It might just help us (:

  • I also get the same pains in my head and numbness in my face. I can be doing just fine and out of nowhere get one of these and it makes my anxiety so bad. I had a CT scan done less than a month ago as well as an ekg and chest x-ray and all were fine. But this head pressure (that's here all day) as well as the numbness in your face are what terrify me and make me think something is wrong in my head. I hate anxiety and just wish it would all go away.

    I just started counseling as well since I'm also scared of taking meds, please let me know what helps you.

  • I'm scared of taking meds as well. Still haven't taken up therapy yet.. but you're right, these symptoms come on out of nowhere. And it really scares me.. I don't know what to do anymore. It's ruining my day to day routines. ):

  • Same here, some days I think Hey todays going to be a better day but thn the anxiety kicks in and it's all downhill from there. Its so depressing at times because I get so caught up in my thoughts and worries that Im just in a daze and I know my kids and husband notice it.

    I just want it all to go away so I can be myself again. I hope and pray your days get better.

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