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I'm very new 2 having anxiety issues. The last few months I've been rushed 2 the hospital with what ended up being a panic attack, then symptoms eventually shifted 2 bad tension headaches and some vision problems, made me think I had a tumor, and currently it will do better throughout the day, no my only symptoms are kinda having my body feel unstable and jelly like...weird way 2 descibe, but that's just top of my head. Pretty certain it's an anxiety disorder. Even got mild anxiety meds from the ER. Have an appointment at the end of the month with the doctor...I guess I'm just curious if anybody else on here had similar like symptoms when there's affected them 4 the 1st time??


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  • Yes ive had this as well. Its very frustrating to deal with u just gotta learn to cope with it

  • I feel like I've been doing a pretty good job controlling it the 2 months I've been going through it...some nights are still harder! Had 2 learn tonight that taking the prescription sedatives aren't always a quick fix.

  • I'm on no meds at all and I'm going in dance. I can't even go around the corner with having a panic attack or my heart feels like it's beating slowly.

  • I'm honestly really sorry 2 hear that. I wish u all the best! Mine typical acts up when it comes 2 just myself cuz I've psyched myself out so bad since it started.

  • mines is not as severe as it started a month ago, right now i have chest tightness, shortness of breathe, tingling jerking sensation in top left arm spazms and dizziness, ive also experienced the extreme tremors for the first time last week, my symptoms have gotten weird lately though now i have these symptoms along with these strange non controllable random episodes whereas my arms and body move in circular motions and i cant control it with no heart palpitations or rapidity and now im worried ive been trying to work out but i cant i feel like the slightest bit of movement makes me feel out of breathe and every exercise i feel weaker, i'd try to control it and not worry but i also suffer from obesity i have no choice but to be overly cautious, ive been to hospital atleast 5 times and urgent care twice and they keep telling me im ok even had an ultrasound and im scheduled to go back in on the 5th for further examinations lol imma mess i try looking up videos of people who are going through the same EXACT thing im going through which is a one in thousand turnout, i found one chick who was overweight talking about the same symptoms and ive felt a little better, but im still trippin because i just dont know it really helps me to talk about it to others. idk have you been experiencing anything similar?

  • Probably about half that or so. I actually experienced your symptoms at the beginning then, it shifted 2 tension headaches and currently a jelly like feeling in my body. I've actually been able 2 work out, but I had 2 build 2 it...your gonna have 2 pace yourself as well. Even though it's anxiety, u gotta take time 2 learn about it. Of course seeing a doctor usually helps 2, but even with meds, it's a 50/50 battle with those and learning 2 get better on your own.

  • i totally agree 100% especially when it comes to meds, ive taken hydroxyzine and at first it worked and was able to put me to sleep because, due to my anxiety i suffer somewhat of insomnia and apnea, a week into it it seemed to make my symptoms a hell of alot worse and put me to sleep for only 5 to 10 minutes before waking up grasping my chest. thanks for the tip bro, i appreciate it im gonna try to pace myself when working out as well as be a little more strict with my diet

  • It's tricky...u know, cuz u think doing a full work out should be easy cuz it's all in your mind, but what I've learned, u don't wanna push until u get a better grasp on anxiety. The sleep thing though, I did take sedatives at 1st cuz I couldn't sleep cuz I was afraid 2 and my heart went into overdrive from fear, but I've slowly weaning myself from them cuz they can have different effects.

  • Same I tried working out tonight and during started to feel dizzy as well as on and off chest pains that I'm also feeling in my arms and fingers, im actually still recovering from it as well speak. It's been on and off it feels like the past 10 to 15 minutes which worries me because I read if it persists longer than 5 minutes to go to the E.R. but they probably think I'm crazy by now, like I said I've been there about 5 to 6 times lol and don't wanna waste 30 to 40 minutes of neither my or the workers time, now I'm just sitting on edge, pray for me. And thank you again

  • I know it's nowhere near the same thing, however when I started working out again, I was a complete wreck similar 2 what u are describing. Still have really bad nights! Still learning how 2 deal if this is an anxiety disorder...let me ask, and let me be clear, I mean absolutely no disrespect, but do u think the anxiety and your weight problems are kinda going together?? I know when you're body with or without anxiety will not really know what to do if you've started exercising if u really haven't b4!! And yes, praying!!

  • None taken & yes I have no doubt that they do interact which is why at the moment I am so focused and determined to lose the weight and eat better so no further or other serious health conditions do persist but I've been on it for the past 3-4 weeks and have lost 27 pounds! But recently this past week it's gotten harder to work out I feel weaker and tire more easily as well as the other symptoms. Which is why I am so confused and scared and as sad as corny as it may sound but it's so bad for me it's come to a point where I'm now prepared for the worst and have accepted the probability of me dying due to either my weight or how I'm feeling even though I'm working my ass off to prevent it,

    Ps: its been and hour and my heart pain is persisting

    and thank you

  • Proud of u 4 losing that weight!! I think me and u have a lot in common with how we feel...when this 1st started, I thought I was gonna honestly gonna die every day and like u, I either have really good days, or just horrible days!! Gotta stay strong! It was proved nothing is physically wrong with u...anxiety is gonna trick u even if u feel good.

  • Thanks bro, it really means alot, & I hope you're right, I'll try and stay strong and not worry so much for all of us.

  • Like honestly, my and u share almost identical symptoms that I either have or had at 1 point the last few months.

  • It's always a good to meet and converse with someone who understands completely and thanks again for hearing me out and responding

  • Of couurse! That's what we're all hear 4. Today has actually been OK 4 me. Still very curious what the doctor will say when I c her cuz I haven't been officially diagnosed with anything, I'm just going by what I've researched. But I hope things get better soon! Feel free 2 hit me up whenever.

  • Same here I'm scheduled for more lab tests for assurance as well I'm gonna schedule to see a cardiologist. But I'll definitely hit you in the Future

  • Keejay, try not to worry in how you are feeling right now. When trying to work out, it's best to start slowly and stretch to warm your muscles. Hydrating is very important to reduce dizzy feeling. I hope you are feeling a little better now. Try doing some deep breathing to calm down both your mind and your body. Feel better xx

  • Thank you I'll try staying more hydrated,

  • I also have been watching testimonials of anxiety on YouTube. That has helped a bit!

  • I've had all those symptoms plus some. Anxiety sucks. I am a firm believer in cognitive behavioral therapy. There are things you can do rather than just dealing with it. Learn to cope and accept it and it will eventually go away. Good luck to you!

  • Thanks 4 the reassurance! I will definitely consider cognitive therapy once I have my doctors appointment at the end of the month. Still kinda in the in between stages...gotta make sure it is anxiety and nothing else 1st. But yeah, since I don't wanna put 2 much of an reliance on meds, I have been considering cognitive therapy.

  • I think your paying to much attention and being hypersensitive to every single thing your body is doing. I did that for a while and its not a good feeling. Understand that your body will always be doing something and you are becoming way too aware of every single thing it's doing. I know its easier said than done but try to focus lb the people around you instead of listening internally. A support group is also a good way of getting help with coping with everything. How this helps buddy.

  • Oh yeah, that was a real issue! I was constantly dwelling on absolutely everything and it made it soooo much worse. I know it's only been a few months since this started, but I feel I've got a much better grip. Still have hard days, but that's just gonna have 2 be something I have 2 deal with. But yes, friends and groups have been helpful! Thanks 4 posting!

  • We are here to help and support you my man. Remember we all go through similar things and that's how we are able to support each other. You can count on me.

  • Thank u! That really means a lot! Same here. I'll be here 4 u as well.

  • It's like a brotherhood. Yes we are. We are as one.

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