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Feel like panicking

I've tried being head strong. Taking part in meditation but my the fear of feeling tingling and tension in the head makes,Mt head go crazy. Am not having a panic attack as of yet, unless me over thinking might be one

I fear there is summit wrong with my head

I do fear am gonna pass,out and die.

I just want this fear to go away. I know am having a weak moment right now. But I do at times thhow the heck is this anxiety, how do I know how does anyone know.

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That's y I love this site, so many of us r going through the same thing! I really thought I was the only 1 n the world who was going through this. Just know that ur not alone, try 2 ignore the symptoms, watch TVs, read a BOOK just do smthng 2 distract u from ur symptoms! The cool thing about this site is 2day I could b giving u advice n comfort but 2mrw I might need u! Hope u feel better ?


Thank you.

I just feel like I am going to go, I fear am unlucky in life. If am meditating and taking meds why am I still fearing. Why do I keep constantly thinking about passing out, having a panic attack. My heads constantly feeling tension and pressure. I feel am going to get worse and won't get better.

Thank you for getting back to me.

It must be anxiety for am still here breathing.

Hope your feeling better

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Yes it is anxiety, it makes u think your gonna die then the fear comes then the symptoms get worse


It's easier said than done distracting your self isn't it.

Cause you can't block it out your mind is so strong.

It's such a shame there is a thing such as anxiety. It's so awful. X


Keep up the meditation if it helps. If you need extra support consider the helpline support available from Anxiety UK. This is on the phone or via email or in livechat with a trained volunteer. See

Other potentially useful helplines may be found at

This may not be a difficult issue to manage or fix at this time but you need to be careful that it doesn't get worse. Try to home in on the specific triggers of the anxiety which makes you think you could be vulnerable to panic attacks. Sometimes it's stress in another area of your life that you can deal with and the worry, anxiety or panics can be stopped. You wil know how serious it is and the fact you have posted on here does suggest you want to do something about.

If it's ongoing you should consider asking your GP to get you access to a locally available talking therapy. They should offer therapy for most types of anxiety or depression and that includes panic attacks, and not just drugs! Don't be shy of asking for help- GP and NHS services are there for you.

If you still need help you could also try getting yourself an appointment directly with an NHS anxiety service. Full listing here; . They treat depression and anxiety and that includes panic attacks. They will help you find the triggers for your condition and do something about them. For some you can refer yourself by contacting them directly. Waiting times are a problem in many areas so do keep up the meditation. Also carry on trying to work out for yourself and by talking to others what you can do about everyday stress levels or events that get you anxious. If you get to see a therapist they will need to talk this through with you so best you have done some of your own thinking beforehand to get the most out of the sessions.


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