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Sad all over again


I had my sleep study, and was told I have mild to moderate sleep apnea. I’m scared all over again. Any advice? I’m so anxious now to even fall asleep

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Hey friend! I have a heart issue PRIOR to sleep apnea, was diagnosed in January 2019 with sleep apnea, still haven't got my CPAP yet lol don't stress it friend. Now do not wait like I have lol but you're not going to die. I promise you. Just go get the machine and you'll honestly feel better over time. You'll get to the point you can't sleep without it.

Thank you! I appreciate the reply. Why don’t you have a cpap yet? Will you be getting one?

Yes I will be getting it. I didn't get it because of Covid and my appointment kept getting pushed off. I will get it. You can't be afraid of this. I'm proof of that! It'll be ok. I do promise you!

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

It's no problem at all, now get some rest friend

I will try :)

Getting diagnosed and treated for sleep apnea was one of the best things i have done. I didn't realize how fatigued I was until after I started using my cpap unit. It really helped with the fatigue and my sleeping. It took my going through a number of different mask types until I found what worked for me, which is pretty common. Once you get use to it, you will be glad you did.

Thank you. I hope I find the right one. I heard sometimes it takes a few

It’s very common.. just get the Cpap and the problem is solved. I wear one and love it.

Brokenworry18 in reply to Ironj

Thank you!

Do any of you have advice for what to do to get rest until I get my cpap?

Have you had sleep paralysis before?

Yes I have for sure!

I’ve had it too, it was the worst

It’s so scary when you have it! I almost have to fight out of it

I know :(

It made me scared of going to sleep

Yes! I’m even there now. I get so anxious and stressed going to bed

Have u talked to ur doctor about this

Yes! She wants me to take medications. That’s why I had a sleep study to see how to help.

Okay good. I hope your medicine helps

Thank you. Has your fear of this left? If so how did you get past IT?

Well with my sleep paralysis fear I went on anxiety medication and it went away. I hope it never comes back. It is so frightening.

Also don’t lay on your back I heard that can cause sleep paralysis

See, I always end up on my back when I try really hard to sleep on my side. I’m going to try to work on that tonight. Also possibly a better sleep routine to get ready for bed

Yeah you could always put a pillow there so it makes it uncomfortable if u try and sleep on ur back

I tried it! It did help.


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