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Really bad anxiety!!! Help me please

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My anxiety has been so bad I can physically feel it in my body and it's making me feel really heavy and achy and I wanna die. All I wanna do is sleep and I also suffer from derealization/depersonalization and maybe bipolar disorder. Im so confused with life and I don't know what to do. Everything seems off and I'm scared of everything. I never feel ok anymore and it's like I can't even show up to my own life. I want to die. I've said this so many times but it's true. I don't know what to do. I cry all day everyday and it's ruining my life. I feel so hopeless. Someone PLEASE help me. I'm on meds but they don't help and I've seen plenty of counselors and therapists but I still feel the same. I'm hopeless

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Hi. Over the past 12 months, I have posted messages on this forum about how to overcome anxiety which you may find useful. The key to recovery is understanding how anxiety can manifest itself and then using that understanding to accept all those weird, scary thoughts and feelings as anxiety and leave it be. fighting, avoiding or using techniques to not feel anxiety just prolong the agony. Give up the fight and recovery will follow. Not overnight but it will happen. It's about developing a different attitude to the anxiety symptoms that bother you, learning not to care so much about them and make your life bigger than anxiety. Take it with you! You may not realise it is happening but you will begin to start thinking of other things instead of anxiety. It's not easy but you have it within you to recover. Everyone has the ability to recover. They just need to learn to do nothing about the anxiety instead of fighting it. 😀

I know the cliche "it will get better" never seems to help, but if it offers you any peace of mind I'm suffering from similar conditions and you're not alone. Sometimes it feels better hearing it from a stranger. Hoping the best for you and a healthy recovery. xo

Yes, sometimes we wanna die because the anxiety feels like it's getting worse and we have no where to turn , so we figure if we die all will go away . So what you will say to your self for now on is, that the time for dying isn't rite now, so in other words we have no choice but to overcome what we going through . it's not gonna be easy nor is it gonna be a breeze of fresh air, but it will be rewards in the end. I want you to read a book, and let your mind take you to that special place where only you can control yourself deep down inside you are still there, find yourself , do the things you like instead of the anxiety leading you to a place you don't wanna be in. Remember we are here for you I will go w you into the place where ever it is you find safe I'll be with you I will help you you are not alone please don't ever feel like it

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