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Food for thought

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One thing I notice is that Anxiety symptoms always pass... even if one replaces the other, the ALWAYS pass and this is a indication of two things for me (1) it is indeed anxiety/depression and not some horrible rare disease and (2) once we master the art of "calm" (and we will!), we will all conquer! So breath easy beautiful people, we got this!!💪🏾

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Thank you for that ;)

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Haha like the pic x

Had good days than bam was fine today an since this afternoon just feel anxious like my breathing an my some thoughts..i hate these days

Yes, it will be like a wave. I know the feeling!😩 But the bad days will turn into good days more often. One thing that my therapist said is that overcoming anxiety takes time... it all depends on US & it won't happen at the snap of a finger. But boy! will it be sweet when we get through this battle. Stay strong my dear, we got this! Hope you feel better ❤️

Thank u so much for ur reply. My husband works until 9 tonight so i always hate this

Yea, my spouse works late too and I always find myself getting anxious because I hate to be alone in this state of mind. But I get through it. I clean, binge watch, play with my dog, breath and try to stay calm. It isn't easy! But by the time I've finished distracting myself, he's home! Lol. You will be fine. ❤️

Thanks much ..and yes i have lots to clothes to fold after i take my daughter to the skating rink tonight which makes me feel anxious an ive been driving again so not sure why ..ughh but i will be okay i know its just a crappy feeling

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