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Anxiety over my period

So I’m freaking out almost with a panic attack thinking I’m gonna die or my heart will stop or I’ll go into some kind of shock. My periods aren’t that bad and usually aren’t that heavy. Yes sometimes I’d leak ect but today I don’t know what happened. I was bleeding through my pads and through my Underwear and trousers in just half an hour. I had to change my pad every half an hour and it would be soaked. It started around 3 I don’t even know how I’m still alive. Been to emergency doctor as this never happened before he said it’s normal that we can even have normal periods all our life and then suddenly it’s super super heavy. He said my pulse and heart rate was all good and he wasn’t worried. I don’t feel faint or anything either but I’m worried I’ll bleed to death or I’ll die or go into some shock. Just wondering if anyone else has ever experienced this

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I’m anxious how I’ve missed my period this month and worried that I’m pregnant so this has made my anxiety worse and hoping it’s just stress. I normally have heavy irregular periods and I have had experience like that in the past before I went on the contraceptive pill but periods always make me feel ill.

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I haven't experienced a heavy heavy period before, sometimes I think if I'm bleeding enough (odd I know). But if you've started/stoped taking/switched birth controls that could be a reason why or if your taking any medication. You can always make an appointment to see an ob/gyn and the doctor can better check and answer any questions you have

Take care


I’m not on any medication or anything but the only thing I can think of which my mum actually told me off for was I took 3 painkillers since yesterday that have aspirin in it which obviously thins your blood and she thinks it’s becuse of that. But I was given some tablets by the doctor that will slow down my bleeding so hopefully it will stop


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