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Anxiety took over my Birthday.

Really really down have had anxiety all day today tried to enjoy my day but it came upon me like waves please help.

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Happy Birthday !

I think sometimes we feel we have to have a good time because its our Birthday , but even so its another day & it just happens to have been a stressful one , try not to feel bad

Was my 50th this year & I was flipping fed up all day

Thats the problem with anxiety , we can never tell it when to come & when to go (if only )

You got through today even though you felt down , so dont feel down with yourself

Keep posting , if something is coming up , try & post before , the support you will get might help you get through it a little better , its worth a try

Keep posting




Thanks whywhy but it is so hard been crying most of the day butterflys in stomach and anxiety attacks all day i seem like im getting worse i rang and spoke to my doctor he said i have to keep busy and take my mind off it i know he is right but i seem so weak today xxx


We have our weak days hun , its a shame yours was on your Birthday :-(

I understand it sooo hard to keep busy when you feel so down , so it can be easier said than done

You may have heard people talk about acceptance , accepting the way we feel & dont fear it , let it come , tell it to do its worse , & then it gives it less control over us , takes time to practice but works

What about a nice hot bubble bath ?

Stick with us , you will get through this , i no when you feel so low it doesnt always feel like it , but you will , you will look back on these posts & think wow look how far iv come !


whywhy xxx


Thankyou whywhy think ive just forgot what to do need to sleep now so tired tomorrows another day im gonna get up and face whatever it throws at me nite whywhy xxxxxxx


Thats it hun , lets hope its a better day

Post on here though , get support , dont suffer on your own

Thinking about you

whywhy xxx


Well first i have to say Happy Birthday, i know what its like i had the same thing on my 21 and 22nd but i am sure we will make up for it when we are better :) you keep strong there's always people here to talk with. x




Dear Tobyturner,

I wish you a very happy birthday.

Kindest regards,



Thankyou everyone just took dog out and keeping busy it is still comming on in waves but im trying to deal with it i have got a sick note for work but i am determined to go tomorrow as i am on an apprentice course at work in the morning my tutor knows my situation and is very understanding i must go and at least try i love my job and this anxiety will not make me a prisoner in my home i must try it just seems like all my work of dealing with anxiety has gone out the window and i dont quite know how to get on the right track xx


I can assure you love that nothing has gone out of the window and you won't unlearn anything you have learnt. You have had a set back...that's all..just a set back and seems to be fizzing out now love. What a shame about your Birthday, but you know these special days bring special memories and it's not surprising you had a set back. I bet you were dreading it. It's like being in the limelight isn't it ? and you find yourself in the middle of attention and naturally we shy away from attention when we suffer anxiety. Don't worry Toby love, the worst is over, ignore it and carry on, it's behind you now babe,

Lots of Love x Ella x


Thankyou so much Ella ive been riding it out all day and at the moment am settled. I got a sicknote off the doctor but im not useing it im gonna work tomorrow as i am doing an course on retail which earns a very good grade i love the course and managed to do 2 essays tonite just in time for the deadline tomorrow im so proud of myself i will take the day as it comes and do my best that is all i can do again many thanks for your kind words xxxxxxxxxxx love Toby xx


Hi love all the very best today! I am thinking of you this dark morning getting ready for work. I wish I were getting ready for work , I loved it and the company , we had a good laugh. You are a brave lass and a hard worker and I know you will go far! Well done for the essays, your best is good enough for anyone :) Lots of Love x Ella x


Thankyou Ella work went great went into the course and the tutor was brill everyone is supporting me my mind was all geared up to get through it and that i did i am so proud of myself i could cry i am staying positive and your kind words really helped me thankyou so much luv u lots Toby xxxxxxxxxx


Aw I have just had a little cry over this..... I am so proud of you too love! That's fantastic! Bless you darling ....love you lots and lots like jelly tots x Ella x :) x


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