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Health anxiety over the coronavirus

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Im quickly getting more paranoid as the cases grow and stores sell out of hand state just got it's first case and now I'm even more scared. I'm scared to get it. while I think im healthy, I have bad congestion and stuffy nose most the time so I'm kind of use both my nose and mouth (sometimes) to breathe. I'm just scared of getting the virus and my congestion making it worse.

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I live in Florida. And every year between June 1st and November 30th, we watch for weather systems coming off the coast of Africa (as well as a few that pop up sporadically elsewhere). So there's always this low level anxiety inside of me about impending doom coming in the form of a hurricane.

With my diagnosis of Major Anxiety and Depression Disorder I always have a level of anxiety and sadness anyway.

Well the virus is just another name to put on the face of my disease. And I'm over 70. So I'm more at risk. But it's all just imagination run wild.

Yes, certainly I could get sick and die. I could also get run over by a bus. But that's why I need my tools to help calm me down. I need my people, my professionals, my meds, my meditation, my mindfulness practices, exercise, sleep, reasonable eating habits. And I need to breathe in the moment.

Am I sick now? No. Am I in the street? No. Is there a Cat 5 Hurricane knocking at the door? No. Then I'm good.

I understand your anxiety and am just trying to offer some of the thinking (and actions) which gets me past the panic. I hope it works for you. L.

I am not the poster but I just wanted to say thanks to you’re response as it was was very comforting to me.

I'm glad it could bring you some comfort. Anxiety robs me of my perspective. And humor.

True It’s sick of thief of good thoughts!

Great reminder to us all to use all the tools that help us. I use exercise , meditation and eating well plus yoga journaling and cuddling my dogs

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Hello :-)

I think even people without anxiety are feeling slightly anxious , so with anxiety it is going to affect us more and it is affecting me greatly , I am in the UK and we have over 250 cases and they seem to be rising and yes sanitizer where I am seems to have flown of the shelves BUT we can still protect ourselves

Soap and hot water , washing your hands for 20 seconds is just as good and they say even better

If you are outdoors , you know those thin latex gloves which at the moment we can still get round here wearing those while you are out will protect your hands , then throw them when you get in and wash your hands with soap and water :-)

Under 60's with no underlying health issues are pretty safe if they get it and even over 60's if you are in good health you can fight it of

Know we all feel to some degree some more than others fear of this but it will pass and you can come on here and know you are not alone and talk whenever you need to :-)

Take Care x

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LilyAnnepuppy in reply to Hidden

I think the stock market is making me crazier today than the virus. But it's always something. And you're right. We're all in this together.

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At such an anxious time your reply actually made me laugh :-D

My husband has just been for are usual antibacterial cleaning spray we use when cleaning the kitchen etc and he went in 8 shops all shelves empty :-o

We shall just have to use bleach and water when we run out ! :-) x

I don’t know how old you are or if you are immunocompromised, but if it makes you feel better the coronavirus is as harmful as influenza. Meaning that most healthy people will recover and just have respiratory illness. It is most harmful to the elderly, infants, and immunocompromised patients. The latest numbers that came out yesterday by the CDC said survival rate is 97%. So if you are a healthy adult the chances of you dying if you do contract the virus are very slim. I hope this helps put you at ease.

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justjedd in reply to Tlicht0829

FWIW, I don’t think infants are even at risk. And as far as the mortality rate, the 3.5% number is expected to come down as more people are tested. A lot of people don’t bother, as they say 80% (another number likely to change) have mild symptoms (like a cold) and a lot of people may have no symptoms at all! Which is great, it just makes it harder to contain. Point being, I believe they think it’s more contagious but it might actually be less dangerous than the flu (which is still very bad for you, especially if at risk). Hope this helps.

You'll be fine, dear.

I am nervous too now that it’s in NYC. I tend to already wash my hands a lot so at least I don’t have to train myself to do that.

I'm in New York also. 10 minutes from New Rochelle-the "hot spot" where so many people caught it from the one guy. I'm sure you heard today about the containment area in New Rochelle, the school closings, and having the National Guard brought in!! I am BEYOND scared!!

Yeah I heard, I hope they get it contained there and sorry this is happening so close to you. Today a friend of mine told me that she was in New Rochelle visiting her Aunt in a nursing home when they announced they were sending in the Nation Guard! Now I am wondering if she had it when we spoke in person, yikes! I hate to say it not to scare you but after seeing the Governor on the news selling NY State Hand Sanitizer I thought this does not look good. And apparently NYC did not test people coming back from Italy and South Korea immediately two places where it has had a deep impact. I am hoping something happens to it here that makes it weaker than in China. I remember when Swine flu came into the area I was concerned but it ended up being milder. Hang in there!

Thank you. I am hoping that this containment period can get a lot of it in that area under control.🙏🙏

It's very rare for younger people to get severe coronavirus. I don't think the reasons are known but it's virtually unheard of for young children to die, then the death rate is a fraction of 1% until you get to your 40s. After that it starts going up quickly.

Because of this, if it turns into a pandemic you won't be at any more risk than you would be from the 'flu; it's older people who have to watch out.

This article has the figures for different ages, if you're interested:

What gets me through life , is thinking “ what happens happens “ life is one big game of Russian roulette anyways. I ask myself , “ if I am one the unlucky people to catch the virus , I wanna be as mentally and physically strong so that I fight the virus off like a cold “ . Being anxious with make your immune system weak , you’ll still fight it off , but worrying about it won’t make your immune system in top order to brush it off as easy. So I lay back and think “ if it happens it happens , if it doesn’t it doesn’t” . Personally I think people need to relax , keep hygienic , don’t go to over crowded places unless you have to , and keep calm .

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Nikkiox in reply to Ryan990

I got cough headache runny nose and sweating I am convinced got I live uk

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There was a lot of amazing advice up above of tools and mindsets you can start trying to learn to develop instead of choosing too living in fear.

If you are sure you have it then get tested, but if your sure it’s anxiety and your just looking for reassurance then you can apply tools to help with the what if thoughts, there’s help out there. Unfortunately nobody here can tell you you have it or you don’t.

It’s easy to up your chances of NOT getting a virus from another person, You can’t manifest the coronavirus into your body alone. There’s help and techniques to use.

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Nikkiox in reply to Hidden

Think having panic attack now feel all unreal sweaty

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It’s ok, it’s going to be ok, this is all because your fear of getting the virus so your body is just trying to protect you! That’s all ! There is something that can help you, download the DARE app, it should be worded like this when you look it up : DARE - Overcome anxiety and panic attacks

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When you do that open the app and go to Stop panic attacks.

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Find the audio that says “Help! I am having a panic attack” plz listen to it during the panic attack, he will talk to you and help you threw it %100. When it asks you to sign up click “later” in the top right corner and find the audio I am talking about. I hope this helps you, it has helped me during panic attacks, very bad ones too

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Nikkiox in reply to Hidden

Thank you so much do you heave headache like someone sitting on you head

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I'm scared hot I had to open the window but scared I have it scared to get it too

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Optimistic_22 in reply to Hidden

If think have get tested sooner the better. It’s better to know then not so you can rest and get better. Not to spread to others. Also where I’m at been 60 so been hot at night also. Big sign is cough. When in doubt get checked out. Wish you well.

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I'm,not coughing thank,goodness..think I'm ok..

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Optimistic_22 in reply to Hidden

That’s good. Are you located in a area that has had a outbreak or traveled to a foreign country? If so should get checked just to be safe.

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I'm in Chicago,suburbs..sofar 4 cases have been found in the city..according to the local news

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Well if able try to get checked out. I’m not located in a state that has a outbreak but just a matter of time. All will be ok for me though health immune system.

Yes the coronavirus is scary but taking precautions will help.

1)Wash hands for 20 seconds.

2)Don’t touch mouth , nose or eyes . Cover cuts or open wounds.

3)Use sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol

4)Get tested if think have if traveled out of country.

4) If travel in these places considered Level 3 highly contagious areas North Korea, Italy, China , Iran or gone on cruise and feel sick quarantine for 2weeks indoors.

Keep in mind unless week immune system or elderly with week immune system you should be fine.

Statistics show currently more people have died from common cold.

Most hospitals will close down units of corona is present.

There will be a vaccine until then wash hands and wear a N95 mask if around someone coughing . Corona is a respiratory virus. Can be spread from person to person by droplets or contact. So as long as you’re taking precautions washing hands wearing mask when needed then you should be fine.

I work in the MICU and these are all the same precautions we take and best advice can give.

If you feel sick coughing, mucus , chills get tested right away. Your body will fight this no problem.

Also Take probiotics B12 vitamin Vitamin D. These will help keep your immune system strengthened. I really hope this helped.

Peace be with you all my loves😘

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Thank you for the info..greatly appreciated

Hi Lindsey14,

I believe an underlying condition means heart, lung, disease type conditions. I don't think you have to worry about your congestion. And if you are a younger person, then again you have less to worry about. Just use common sense. Keep your hands away from your face, wash your hands often, don't go to large events where there may be crowds (at least for awhile), and there is always the good old bottle of alcohol. There are other ways to sanitize besides hand sanitizer. After all, it didn't exist until in recent times. Panic is the worst we all can do. Keep calm and carry on and use a little bit of common sense and you will be fine.

I'm in the UK and understand how you feel, I have suffered from, what my doc says is, a bronchial type cough for the last couple of weeks that Floored me for a few days at first but it's slowly improving, even though the doctor told me it could last three or more weeks I also get anxious about Covid19. I think the best course of action is to take your meds and follow any advice given to you my your health professional, do not Google stuff and certainly lay off reading about it on Social media as that's enough to scare you to death

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