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Need advice

So I always have chest pain and I always google. 90%of the time google shows up things I know I don't have but it also shows up my pain could be Angina. So I emailed my cardiologist today and asked her if she thought I had angina. She knows about my anxiety issues and is really good about answering me back today she did and said that I had a healthy heart that I had a stress test in 2010 that was normal and I just had an echo that should have shown if they were a major blockages. She did say the only way to know for sure West to do another stress test but she did not think that was messes Siri at the time that I should trust my heart and that it's healthy and just continue to exercise . I don't have pain chest pain whenever I exercise and I exercise pretty hard. Pain usually comes if I'm thinking too much or alone or a few days after something stressful happens. So part of me thinks I should trust my doctor and not asked for a stress test, but the worry in me wants to have one just to make sure that I don't have angina. I've been doing really good lately about my stress and not wearing in that every pain is my heart but right now I just don't know what to do so I wanted to ask what y'all would do.

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Hi Aliciar,

When stress is a false alarm (not needed) rather than a fight or flight response.

The stress response is a crazy thing, showing up differently in different people.

You can practice accepting difficult emotions and their physical symptoms including chest pain.

Acceptance does not mean giving in or giving up. What it means is stopping the fight with whatever is unpleasant when it is serving a purpose. It means making space for it. Accept that the pain is there without judgement. Let the pain run its course (over about 20 minutes).

You might like to try a mindfulness meditation exercise or a relaxed breathing exercise instead. there are lots to choose from, just do your research and find the one for you.


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