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Not remembering if I just thought something or said it out loud. Maybe a side effect of Ativan?


So here lately I've noticed that occasionally I think to myself, "did I say this out loud or just think it?" It's just little things that happens with, nothing super important that I think I said but couldn't remember if it was just a thought. It kind of scares me because sometimes I feel as if I'm slowly losing my mind, (although I think all of us who deal with anxiety think that at some point.)

I'm also trying to wean myself off of .5 mg of Ativan, which I know is a very small dose. I was prescribed the Ativan about 9 months ago for panic attacks as needed. There's a bit of a problem because there for a long time I was getting panic attacks everyday and so therefore I would take the Ativan every day. With this being said my body was getting used to taking this medication every day and now I'm sort of stuck because I'm trying to only take a half every day but I'm still needing to take it every day. I don't want to be on it any longer than I already have and I'm taking 125 mg of Zoloft every day as well. I'm really hoping the memory issue isn't due to taking the Ativan for as long as I have or taking it with the Zoloft.

Should I be concerned about this issue? I'm already going to bring it up to my doctor at my upcoming appointment in a couple of months.

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Sounds like it's the anxiety playing tricks with your mind.

Also sounds like OCD the doubting illness.

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