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FEELING really weird I wanna start taking my Zoloft but I'm scared of of side effects help

Well everday I've been feeling weird all day safication feeling nose stuffy and head feels weird I'm trying to tell myself it's only anxiety symptoms but it's getting hard to deal with anxiety symptoms everyday I wanna take my Zoloft but I don't wanna feel worse jus don't kno wat to do anymore

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Take the zoloft or don't take it. Your doctor prescribed it, if you are afraid it might have side effects, call your doctor about your concerns and see what he/she says.

Every med has possible side effects and also probable good results. But can't know the probable good results if you don't try the zoloft. You will need to decide which is the best risk for you. Is there a reason you didn't discuss your fear of zoloft when it was prescribed?

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I asked my dr a million questions about the med and she told me every thing there is about the med and I even looked up and red some reviews so I kinda know how it will make me feel but scared I might freak out before it even works


What's your Zoloft dose?


Well you have made the decision already that you are not going to take your doctor's advise, have't you.

Unless you change your mind, you have decided not to take the zoloft, so no need to keep dwelling on it,and just see how you fare without it.

Let us know how that works out, ok?

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Just take it and stop being scared, it's worth a try. You have nothing to lose and you just might feel good again. I hope you feel better. XOXO-- Vic


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