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Hopeless in VT

So, I had an interview yesterday for a job. First interview ever. And if I do get the job, will be my first job. It will be at dunkin donuts. Early morning shift. Will be busy....I've applied other places but no one has even come remotely close to what dunkin has for me. (an interview) my communication skills arnt the best. I get embarrassed easily.... Never pictured myself as a cashier.... I'm just worried about I might fuck up..... I'm gonna fail..... And I don't know what to do.... :( some one please help me out..... I need advice..... :'(

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Now take and deep breath and relax :-/

My Son is a painter & Decorator by trade but could he get even an interview nope !

So he had to start looking in a different direction because he so wanted a job

A job came up as a Support Worker , he had no experience other than living with a Mum with anxiety all his life but still he went for the interview

I told him not to make out he knew more than he did do to be himself and that was all he could do and if he was not successful then to feel proud that he was shortlisted for an interview because that alone is an achievement and you should feel proud to that you did and it does not matter what kind of job it is a job is a job it gets you are that working ladder , gives you a foundation that you can build on & eventually if you want can move on to something else but you would have on your CV that you have worked somewhere and they can then give you a reference if you at a later date want to apply somewhere else

Anyway was his first interview and yes he got the job so that was a bonus , he has not started yet but he will get training when he does and he no doubt will make mistakes because anyone starting a new job has to learn how to go on and they expect mistakes when a new employer starts they know no one will be perfect , but if you were successful then remember you are human and like everyone you will have to learn but as long as you show up on time , be pleasant and willing to learn you can't mess up because most employers look for that the rest they can teach you as you get established

Good Luck and if for some reason you don't get the job please do not feel a failure but tell yourself this was not at this moment meant to be and keep going , don't give up because someone out there will eventually see all the good about you and give you a job it can take time

Let us know how you get on and as I have said feel really proud that you have already progressed in the fact you got an interview :-)

Take Care x


Thanks. I was really nervous as it was my first interview ever and I thought all hell would break loose and I would just be told "no just....go. Get out" like I've never had a job....ever.... Not ever.... And I'm really nervous.... Its gonna be 4 in the morning til 9 or 10 in the morning. Would be my shift.... Those are very busy hours.......



Everyone is nervous about a new job especially if it is going to be our first ever employment

I get the feeling though and correct me if I am wrong that you are not sure about this particular job and the hours ?

Let fate take it's course , you may not get the job and then you won't have these worries and if you were offered the job then you can take it from there and deal with one thing at a time :-) x


I dont mind the hours. Not at all. Just working behind the cash register is my main worry... Messing up there..... My lack of communication skills....... I stutter.....


Sweetheart believe me so many have the same fears as you do and if you were to mess up would it be the end of the world ?

No of course not , I have been in so many shops , cafe's all kinds of places where the cashiers have made mistakes and no one cares , someone helps them out , puts it right and they move on and the same would be for you

Think about it , you went for the interview so if you got it then you must have been the best on the day they saw and thought was capable so if they had that faith in you because believe me they know what they are looking for then you need to dig deep and try and have some faith in yourself and if not this time once you are given that opportunity your nerves will go and your confidence will slowly build

Now as for a stutter ?

Again if you stutter does it matter ?

No of course not , others will be in such a rush you no what they won't even care how you talk as long as you smile , say Thank you , have a nice day , hello or Goodbye that is all the Communications skills you need , of course as well as asking what they would like , I am sure you could manage that :-)

Try not to over think , you don't know the outcome yet , take each day and just see what comes back from them and if you need more support come on and ask for it :-) x


Thank you so very much!!!! And no kinda had a plot twists.... Someone else got the job, but then didn't show up on time, starting their day #2. So they got fired and it's possible I could get a call soon!!! :P


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