I feel done!

I don't want this anymore. I had to quit my job and now I can't get a new one because I'm petrified.

I don't have friends except one.

My family get annoyed at me for not having a job and not "getting over it"

I am so angry all the time at everybody!

I don't like myself anymore and all I want is to be alone and cry.

I don't want to do this anymore. I don't want this fucking life!

I also went to a class today about anxiety and depression and it was so pointless and I sat there on the verge of tears and petty much having a heart attack and I didn't feel safe around these people who also were supposed to be In my situation. I don't feel comfortable doing anything anymore and I just can't be bothered to try anymore because I always seem to get it wrong.


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  • All I can say to this is that you are not alone. I reached that point recently. It takes a lot of mind power and the will to carry on. I took on too much at once and put a lot of pressure on myself to do well. I fell apart. Felt so alone and depressed. Like I wasn't living my life. I hated myself for it. Making changes in your life by doing things that make you happy, taking care of yourself and talking to people who understand you really help. I am no where near where I want to be but I have come so far.. You can too!

  • I've really been trying, but it just feels impossible. I'm conflicted between being unemployed and feeling like a failure but bring pressure-free and thinking of improving, or getting a job and being scared and stressed all the time and hopefully get through it soon?

  • You will get through it. Don't be too hard on yourself. Take it one thing at a time. Don't stress about too much at once.

  • It gets better if you force it! I was in my darkest day and didn't want this anymore. So I decided, if I really wanted to die, then that's a positive because the whole anxiety/panic is powerless. Not fearing death, so what, if I pass out. So what, if I fall over dead or my heart stops beating. rock bottom is a great foundation

  • Love your responses !!

  • Aw thanks!

  • I have woke up this morning with a more positive outlook! I just had a breakdown because my day was shit and it all seemed too much. I feel more powerful and I can deal with it! Thanks for the advice! 💪

  • Awesome to hear! 👍

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