Reaction or anxiety?

Hi....I drank so grapefruit juice and then a few mins later my ears, elbows, and knees got red and I felt really hot and my heart is beating fast. Anyway I’ve eating grapefruit a long time ago/ has drinks with it before and never have gotten this so idk if it was from anxiety or a reaction 😩 I took some Benadryl anyway I still feel rather hot and the redness isn’t quite as bad but I’m worried that I’m dying or that my heart will stop/ won’t be able to breathe(I wasn’t having any breathing difficulties)/get another reaction thing 😩

Sorry after I saw my ears looked red I started to freak out and get panicky :(

Still am really anxious about it....someone please help :(


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4 Replies

  • Are you on any medication? Because some medications advise not to consume grapefruit products so I just wonder about that

  • I’m not....I’m taking an herb but I don’t see how that would react with grapefruit

  • Hmmm...perhaps a reaction. You could run it by your GP if you are concerned

  • If ur on any meds then grapefruit juice is a major no-no

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