Anxiety and fustration

I really don't know how to deal with my anxiety and fustration. I sometimes tend to feel really anxious and my heart starts racing and I feel out of breath is probably the worst thing ever especially when you around your love one and they don't really understand how you feel and they think everything is okay when you feel like it's not , so you start feeling frustrated with them . Is there anyway I can deal with this ?


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  • I'm the very same way, sweetheart. I just take it day by day and walk away and breathe. Sometimes I have to go watch something that interests me on TV or something to take my mind off of it and calm down. The once I've gotten over my attacks I will try to sit my children down and explain or their father.

    Your in my prayers, God bless

  • hi aysha,you seem to have the same symptoms as I have,iv learned to live with what I have over a long period of time even though it still scares me a little when I get an attack..what works for me is that I know it cant physically harm me and I tell myself that every day,breathing exercises helped me and being positive also,maybe go see your doctor and talk to him or her xx

  • Don't be so hard on your loved ones..anxiety is an invisible illness and people do find it hard to relate to it.

    If it was a broken arm they can see it and comprehend it.

    Sorry I can't offer any advice,but know that I am thinking of you x

  • Hi there! I notice a couple of the responses said they learned to deal w/ the anxiety, or take one step at a time. I guess it depends on how long you have been dealing with this and how severe. Sometimes 'self talk and positive thinking' is not enough! I have dealt with anxiety since as long as I can remember and I'm 55 now. I always tried to stay strong and 'deep breath' work through it. I felt I was weak if I could not handle it on my own. 3 months ago I went into my Dr, and burst out in tears. She said ' Everyone is wired differently and no reason you need to feel this way'. She put me on Citalopram (depressions and anxiety) and Buproprian when I needed more for anxiety.

    I am not a precription drug user as a normal thing (acutally resisted for years as I hate the idea of pills), but I am so glad I took this route thanks to the doc. It takes awhile to figure out dosages, but I am SOOOO much happier right now. I actually feel happy for the first time in YEARS, and any anxiety is greatly diminished. It's normal and healthy to feel a bit of anxiety (your body alerting you for normal stresses) but I can tell you my life has changed. Yahoo! Still prob not at the perfect dose but on the way.

    Best luck your way, and talk to your Doc!


  • I agree, Katie. I think most of us suffering from anxiety consider medication an anathema, but it can be helpful even if taken for a limited amount of time.

  • May I ask how long the bupropran took to work do you still take it I see my doctor Tommorw my father dies yesterday and I don't like the clonazepam

  • It's not quick. I believe it takes a few weeks to settle in and see what dose you need to end up with. Ask your Dr tomorrow, and so sorry to hear about your dad:(. My thoughts are with you.


  • Thank you katie

  • Hi Aysha, I understand completely how you feel ,I used to feel like that all the freaking time ,still do at times..anywho I started meditating their is an app I have its called calm its really good with guided meditation and I faced some of my fears and emotions ask yourself why? Why are you feeling the way you're feeling evaluate it and simplify it,i find when you run or try to just stop feeling it gets worse ,so stop and face the emotion, sometimes it's just there so acknowledge that it's there and you won't let it own you, its super hard to do but it's gets easier. And its helps a lot. Best of luck

  • Hello sweet. I totally know how you feel. I think that is one thing I have struggled with myself is someone not knowing how I feel when I feel awful. I think that advice would be all will be OK. And that you loved one doesn't have to know how it feels. Thinking techniques to stop it spiralling out of control. And being kind to yourself. I bet you beat yourself up and if u were talking to your friend what would you say. Lots of self love. Treats bubble baths. Nice films with predictable endings x lots of love x

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