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Needs some advise, been going through menopause for 1 year, started with the shakes, found out I had low estrogen, stomach pain, every kind of pain actually everywhere , muscle twitches, muscle spasms, chest palpitations, internal shaking , vibrating . I have had every test available. And blood work, all negative, so because I've been complaint so much, no they are sending me to see a sychiatrist,, now I have a swaying feeling, I know I also have been having anxiety for sure, I feel it in my chest and feel scared at times and feel like running away and screaming, urges, I have not been medicated as of yet, why do they treat woman with menopause like we are all crazy. I am a perfectly normal person, but my body is changing, anyone with similar problems and what has helped. I just want to feel normal again... I'm taking bioidenticals cream, progest, bi est. I was told by a few woman celexa helps them,

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I have had everyone of those symptons and still do here and there (been on celexa a month) and believe I am starting perimenopause.


Hi I'm in menapause and have chronic health anxiety.ive been back and forward to GP can't have HRT due to a stroke.been given sertraline but won't take it seem one of the top menapausal experts in U.K. And she couldn't really offer me much .said diet exercise sertraline and HRT but can't have it.i have dizziness fatigue woolly head migraine panic nausea feeling like I'm losing plot,flushes and just feel crap a lot of the time.im taking magnesium and Angus cactus it's helped a tiny bit.you take care and keep asking for help .xx

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... oh my goodness I been going through menopause symptoms 3 half years. What a battle with GP. Iv had all blood tests etc done all normal. The hot flushes and night sweats, insomnia, itching, severe muscle aching, and stiffness, lacking in energy wanting to sleep all day, palpitations, crying, anger etc etc .... brain fog, paronoid, forgetfulness, worst of all .... vertigo brought on by low sad mood and horrendous Anxiety with Panic Attacks which began to be severe 12 -14 weeks ago. The GP stated you don't have anxiety with menopause. What a load of rubbish .... !! Iv always suffered with Anxiety but learnt how to manage panic attacks. This time in my life there was more to it ... psychologically and physically my hormones were mKing my Anxiety worse.

The male GP I saw lacked understanding ... I had to research myself ... flouxetine antidepressant has improved things for me with the anxiety and low moods, still get up and down days. Also I was given Gabapentin for neck and muscle pain and helps with anxiety for me to. Takes the edge of things until I get stronger in future.

Depending on whether you live in UK, I suggest you google 'Menopause Matters'.com... and Menopause Forum Sites for support to. I have regular emails informing me of health symptoms related to Menopause or caused. Have a clearer understanding as to what's going on with your body, relate to others, reassurance, lots of advise etc.

Sorry such a long piece ... but just wanted to reassure you that your not on your own with these strange symptoms ... and I am aware of the battle involved in working through it and that isolation feeling. Good luck with it.


Hi Krissy005,

Thank you for sharing.

Antidepressants are not the first thing you think of in relation to the menopause. They can ease some of the symptoms of the menopause and therefore prescribed for off label use with the added benefit of addressing mood changes.

Your primary care doctor may not feel comfortable managing this and so the referral to a doctor who is a mental health specialist e.g. psychiatrist is appropriate.

Psychiatric referrals do not mean that you are crazy, just needing more help to get you back on an even keel.

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I have all these symptoms... almost everyday...and some. My ears buzz at night when I'm laying down. It's been going on for a while now... i have been to the doctors a bunch of times and crazy enough... it's nothing wrong with me health wise but my anxiety. I can't understand how anxiety can do this to your body... so your not alone, I'm right there with you.

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