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Anxiety and depression

was wondering if anyone has issues with anxiety and depression. I started off with a lot of anxiety this last year. The anxiety has subsided somewhat and it seems that there is a lot of sadness is there. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there some kind of treatment for this? I feel like the anxiety has held me at such frenzy energy levels so now that it's subsided some, there is a level of depression. Seems I feel this more when I don't sleep well. Anyone else have this? Thx!

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Well, anxiety and depression can be two sides of the same coin. I sometimes feel like an over-inflated balloon when anxiety keeps me "racing" to wear out all the energy it takes .

Then bit of the blues when my over-inflated balloon is starting to deflate slowly. The switch in feelings is quite noticable Maybe your body and mind are beginning to relax after the anxiety left, and not depression at all. Try to enjoy the change . I sometimes don't sleep at night, so makes the next evening of sleep worth waiting for with anticipation. :)


Thank you for your response. I do know what you mean. I try not to overthink this. I do suspect that the anxiety has worn me out and now my body is trying to rest. I find that massage works well as well as being with people who are upbeat, positive and supportive. Thanks for your support.


Yes i suffer both severely at times


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