Anxiety making me feel sick

Hello! This is my first post on this forum, but I've been struggling with severe anxiety lately so this seemed like a good place to go (: For the past couple weeks, I've been having so many physical symptoms. I've been super fatigued and really low on energy, occasionally throwing up, had little to no appetite, elevated heart rate, muscle pain, and the list goes on and on. It almost feels like I've come down with the flu but I'm not actually sick? I'm just not feeling like myself at all. I've already been to the ER twice, and the doctor multiple times. I've had CT scans, blood tests, and even an EKG and everything keeps coming back as normal. I'm just struggling to accept that this is all anxiety. Can it really make you feel this bad? And how do I get out of this endless loop of worry?


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  • Hi darling looks like im the first on here to tell you that yes anxiety, so they say, can actually do all of those things to you. I know because i experienced all of what you mentioned and more. And yes from time to time even though ive been going through this now over a year, i still ask the same thing. Unfortunately this anxiety can get so bad it can make you sick. I also have developed acid reflux and ibs which i guess can indirectly cause more anxiety and the other way around. Its terrible and i am still spending a lot of my days in tunnel vision and over thinking. Which as we know, will cause more stress and anxiety. The hope i do have when i have a decent day is I think back to how i have gotten better through this one point in time. I felt like i was almost 100 percent myself again. I had gained my appetite back, weight back, was ambitious again, was getting back out, and whenever i did have an attack i was able to get over it better without holding on to it or dwelling so long. Well unfortunately i recently found myself back in the deep hole again and am trying to accept it for what it is but its hard all over again. I wish us the best through this....☺

  • Thank you so much for your kind words! I am so sorry you are going through a rough time right now too :( It's inspiring that you made a full recovery before, and I bet you will be able to get to that place again! My problem is as soon as I accept that it is anxiety and start to feel a little bit better, I am immediately hit with more what if questions. "What if this is something more serious?" "What if I'm actually sick?" It can be hard to ignore these what if's and sometimes they end up taking up my whole day.

  • You're welcome. And i still go through the "what ifs" constantly and always thinking "what if its something more serious and the doctors are neglecting to check for everything and when they finally do its gonna be too late?" Its definitely exhausting and will take up a whole day.

  • I've had myself diagnosed with everything under the sun. I get body aches muscle twitches blurred vision tremors shaky legs and arms pins n needles pressure in head ringing ears you name it. Had mri blood work EKG etc all fine. Except for a bulging disk in neck that I got a shot for. But I find when I'm around people I don't notice any of these symptoms only when I'm alone. Feel better soon

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