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My anxiety and gerd makes me feel like I can't breathe

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I try to keep my anxiety down but sometime things that ache or certain pains that are sudden in my body sends me into full blown attacks because I swear something major is wrong. sometime I feel like I can't breathe right and I'm suffocating especially when I'm in heat or the shower.... does anyone else feel this way

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my gerd is fixed . change in diet . exercise help alot . plus i take those suking tablets called trisil .. they dont have any side effects ,

What kind of exercise did you do? and is trisil over the counter?

I think triail is over the counter .. eat bananas and avoid eating 3 hours befoe sleeping .. half n hour walk everydayshould fix it

I feel that a lot with my anxiety. I'm to intune with my body so every time I feel "different" i get anxious, heavy chest and feel like I'm suffocating I hate it... I just remind myself that I'm OK and breathe deep 3/4 times and think positive knowing it will pass

I'm the same way with my body! Thank you I'm going to give this a try!

I got Gerd and more anxiety from taking Cipro--so avoid that and the related fluoroquinolone antibiotics because they can make those things a thousand times worse. I have found that taking a daily probiotic pill helps with Gerd as well.

Which kind of pro biotic pills? n thank u so much

Are you here in the States?

Yes ma'am I live in Lexington Kentucky

I take a brand called Renew Life, which doesn't have to be refrigerated. They come in many strengths, and I take a pretty high one because I'm compromised after having taken Fluoroquinolones. They are not cheap, but it's worth it and does a lot for general health.

Thank u

Happens to me all the time it helps to stop thinking about it. Put on a show or colour that always helps me ❤️❤️

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Thank u cause this is actually helping me

I have that issue , as well. I can't have my heater on in the car or house ..i will hyperventilate. I get panicky too. I have to have fresh air to calm down. Then also , if get random neck ache , i too would get panicky & would see a dr

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