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Will it stop

I'm sure it will but I just posted how I felt earlier and got alot off support thank you guys for that but what about when it doesn't necessarily go away? I eventually did go sleep for about an hour and woke up with the same symptoms. I feel as if I close my eyes again it may be for good this Time. I don't know just updating you guys. Still the reassurance would be nice. Goodnight.

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Sorry so late! I hope you were able to sleep. Anxiety has been keeping me up at night as well. It's hard for us sufferers to believe but, our bodies nervous system takes over when we fall asleep. You won't just die in your sleep unless you are old or unhealthy. I know this and I still have a hard time trusting it. I guess that's what anxiety is/does though. Hope you are doing better!



I know that feeling!! Afraid to close your eyes at night.


Well, the good news is I got it when I was 23y, and survived.

Went for counseling, used medication for just about 6 months, exercised, wrote down all my victories over my anxiety, got tired of anxiety and said "give it your best shot" meaning I thought of the worst thing that could happen, and accepted it( Yes I know it sounds strange!!)

Used a technique I call "thoughtarrest"

Prayed a lot! The anxiety feelings and thoughts became less intense (they do attack me now and then, but I handle them much much better now!)

Actually anxiety free now. There is hope!!!

I'm 46y now.


Love this!

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Janco, so very happy to hear this. You did it :)

It's always good to hear uplifting and positive responses on the forum.


Congratulations and Thank you so for this it's very calming and motivational.

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Keejay and Agora1

Pleasure, You can do it!


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