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I am new to this but hope someone could help or advise. I have a 15 yr old daughter who has been medically unfit for school due to general anxiety disorder and is taught in small tuition centre. There is a history of self harm currently under CAMHS and on sertraline 125mg per day..recently her mood has worsened had a candid chat where she expressed she couldn't see the point to anything.. there has been issues in the past and she visists a counsellor once week for over 12 months. A visit to CAMHS today was requested by myself for her psychiatrist one the back of a conversation we had earlier in the week where she again mentioned that she can't see the point of anything and if she wasn't scared she would commit suicide..

The meeting with the psychiatrist this afternoon proved futile.. she has a new care provider as old one retired last week still yet to meet her and she will assess low moods and risk but no urgency..at my wits end and worried sick.. feel completely helpless as a parent and live in constant fear she will do something she can't come back from.

I would be really interested to know if anyone has had similar experiences and whilst they are not considering changing medication if there are any natural remedies..exercise groups that might help in steadying her mood if only for a brief time.

would appreciate any advice. thanks in advance.

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Sorry to hear you and your daughter are going through this. I also suffer with GAD which started when I was around 17. The thought of taking medication gave me anxiety (like everything did) so Ive pretty much just used self help activities along side kalms and rescue remedy which comes in all kinds of different forms. A talking therapy called 'talking changes' also really helped me as it explained what anxiety was and that it was a normal function in our body to keep us safe but our brains are mistaken things for being dangerous when they arent. I can understand the suicide comment as it is so tiring living like this every day but it seems that your a really supportive mother which will be helping even if your daughter doesnt show it. Its a long process but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Breathing exercises, phone apps, hypnotherapy on youtube, candles, reading, walking and being kind and patient with myself are just some of the things that have helped me. Trying to keep as normal routine as possible even when you dont feel like it. When I first became ill with anxiety I was told to walk on the sunny side of the road which I thought was a stupid comment but actually small things like that help our brains and mental functioning. You and your daughter are not alone and she will feel well again one day. X



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