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anxiety heart rate please please help

anyone ele when theyre not anxious their heart just skips beats goes dead fast goes dead slow sometimes even just at the same time my heart one second goes slow then 1 second later slows down but as it does this skip and adds like 1 or 2 beats inbetween please tell me im not the only one ive had tests and things I have arrhythmia and tachycardia is that okay asweel? heard people die off it :(

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Yes mine does that had ECGS and blood and came back fine got to wait for a 24 hour one though but doctors think nothing will come up and it’s just anxiety causing it. My heart rate is always 90bpm since having anxiety when it used to be in the 70s. Most the time it’s over 100bpm according to my Fitbit. Try not to think about and worry bout it. Mine always feels like it’s irregular and missing a beat when it’s going super fast.

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Tell me how the 24hr one goea


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