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Waiting For Neuro. Results

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Last week I had my MRI of the brain and cervical spine. It was ordered quickly as my Neuro. was concerned about my neurological deficits upon exam.

I deal with a number of other physical health issues - I'm in surgically induced menopause and am unable to have HRT, I've had previous spinal surgeries and due to anaphylaxis to multiple medications, my pain issues are difficult to manage as well as my mental health issues.

I saw my psychiatrist today who is a wonderful doctor, and we talked today about how tough the last 2 years have been. He knows I try hard, and he thinks I'm really making progress. I've also suffered severe trauma in childhood, and we talked about how this early conditioning to fear and trauma makes difficult life events harder to deal with.

Today I tried so hard when I left my appointment - went to lunch with Hubby, and bought some new autumn plants for my garden.

But.....I don't know. I just feel so tired right now. Of everything. Of coping, and using my coping skills to get through every day. I wish it was easier. I guess I just want a break from it all, just for once. As we all do! But I know with anxiety, we have to keep our anxiety coping toolbox open at all times.

I also just don't know if I'm kidding myself that a lot of my symptoms are 'just anxiety' - there is so much cross over from anxiety symptoms and real neurological problems.

I'm scared of the results of the MRI too I suppose - I don't know right now of course what the outcome will be but I don't think I could face any more Neuro. surgery at this time. I just need a break - a bit of peace. And some light at the end of the tunnel that one day I can enjoy more stress free and tranquil times.

Sorry to offload - I just needed to get this out as bottling things up are adding to ruminating thoughts, and that's never good for anxiety I know. The panic attacks have been bad again the last couple of weeks, as well as the dreaded morning anxiety. Relaxing and floating always helps - but sometimes I just wish this easier.

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Tempestteapot, I wish that for you as well. We are always here, willing to listen, willing to comfort. Good Luck on your Neuro results.. xx

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Tempestteapot in reply to Agora1

Thank you so much, Agora! xxx

Keep strong you are doing amazing hope your results ok.you are very brave keep going and I loved the bit about anxiety toolbox crickey my toolbox never shut 🤡Happy days !!!xxx

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Thank you so much, BB! Yes, that tool box is always open! This forum is an amazing help too - such lovely, brave members here. xxx

Don't lose hope anxiety gives us lots of negative thoughts and lots of WHAT Ifs.try to focus on some good thoughts like sorting out new plants for garden and how good your doctor is and how he has all the knowledge to guide you through all this trauma and put your trust in him to get you feeling better mentally, then you will be able to face your other problems.you have lots of support from your friends on here to.

Thank you so much, Jessie! Yes, I've planted my autumn plants today. ☺Autumn is my favourite time of year, such beautiful colours. I really am blessed to have such a good psychiatrist - he's very generous with his time and support. xxx

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