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Wellto everyone who has it or has had it ..... It sucks and it's different forever one yes we all have similar symptoms but it hit us different because not to people are a like and I have learned that with mine have triggers and bsometimes I can avoid them something'sand sometimes I can't but I also know I am my own worst enmy when it comes to anxiety. I am living with family because I can't work when I had my own place a few months ago I was better but now I am getting depressed again. And I have these thoughts over and over something's in my throat oh good I can't breath I am dying but I know deep down that is just my. Mind and the mind is a powerful thing and if it is in full panic mode all the time life bites. But I have pulled my self out of the once before and I will again. We all my be sick in some form or another but we r a lot stronger than the one that say there normal they couldn't get thru one day of what we go thru . So when u feel like u r weak or someone says u just got to get over it ask them if they got something cought in there throat what they would do. And they would freak out. . or if they. Couldn't catch there breath what they would do ..... Well that's what we go thru ever day and we r still her maybe a lil crazier and a lil more on edge but her all the same ........ We r going the the darkest of the nights but we will all make to see the sun rise. ( A part of my fav song ). Good luck to all

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