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Always worry about new medication!

Hi everyone hope you are all doing well,just need a bit reassurance if possible,I'm on propanolol 40 mg a day which seems to be really helping,my doctor has put me on 10mg of amitriptyline to start tonight as I've stretched a nerve in my back,she reassured me il be fine taking both but wondered if anyone else takes both meds,once I've taken a few I'm fine but had meds in the past where I've had a bad reaction with either the first or second tablet!!!!

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Hi Lynne

I have a meds fear & have all on taking anything at all , so well done taking your meds even though you struggle at times I admire you for doing it !

I do know though it is quite common for your doc to give you two meds to take at the same time & they are trained knowing that is will be safe to do so even though I totally understand you fear

If I am forced to take something I always say just for today to myself & I have the choice to continue tomorrow if I want to , it helps me to feel I am in control of the situation

So maybe tonight you could take one saying the same & knowing each day if you feel they are not suiting you that you can stop at any time & go back to your GP for more advise

Maybe once you have got over the first couple of days you will feel fine as you say that's when your anxiety seems to peak

Let us know how you get on :-)





Thanks for your reply it's always the first two maybe three tablets as soon as I take them my anxiety ramps up where I convince myself I'm having a bad reaction. Once I've took so many without problems I'm fine. So strange how your brain works at times.

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I am exactly the same Lynne

I am just using some cream at the moment the third day & I am convinced I am getting an upset stomach from some cream !!!!

Unlike you though I cold continue with this thought , wished after 3 days mine would go away seems to last longer with me , but like my BP meds I have been on them years at first I was convinced for months I had side effects now I take them & think nothing & I feel nothing by taking them either , like you say a lot of it is in our minds , dealing with these minds how ever can be the tricky bit , but come on here while you get over the next few days & see if talking about it helps , we will do out best to try & help you :-)



Lynne75 Is it just me or am I convincing myself the same. How do we get into this vicious cycle. I am sending peaceful thoughts your way.


I will do il log on everyday to let you know how I'm doing. I've had my tongue swell up on iron tablets and had a massive panic attack on citalopram so now I'm nervous with anything I take. Even though I've took them before I was fine but for some reason the second time round they didn't suit me!!


I understand especially if you have had reactions before , but they were iron tablets & citalopram & I am sure they must think these will be fine this time or they wouldn't have prescribed them for you , just say a day at a time

Listen to me I am so good at encouraging others to take their meds yet useless taking my own !

I will look out to see how you are getting on :-)



It's so easy to give advice I do the same to my mam who hates taking different meds since hers caused her too lose some vision in her eye. Il be fine il take it before bed so il sleep thru the worry I hope lol x


I understand this fear as I am allergic to regular antidepressants and I have tried different ones and when I do I end up at the emergency room with my blood pressure rising and an increased heart rate I keep telling myself there has got be a better med on the market by now. Full of fear I stay on my old medicine of an MAOi which is dangerous in itself the sad part is I think it's beginning to work against me by elevating my bp and causing weird things. Anxiety is definately a journey. I stay living in fear.


Reading everyone's posts makes me feel better about not being the only one afraid of meds. I am not taking meds for my depression and anxiety. I'm new to this and am trying to go at it as 'natural' and med free as possible. I feel like thinking about the meds and side effects give me more anxiety. I have taken some medication for anxiety 2 times now and spent the whole time analyzing how they made me feel.

The mind fascinating and for all us worrywarts we have the added challenge of overthinking something that people do all the time. I have been taking St. John's Wort for 3 weeks now and although I feel things are improving I still worry about long term effects.

Good luck Lynne, you are brave and I hope your medication helps you.


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