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Nervous and need reassurance.

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Hello, everyone! How are you doing? I'm Deanna and I am new to this community. :)

Today, I came here with a feeling of nervousness. Lately. I have been staying up until 5 am. That's like every day and I know it's not good. After staying up, it made me feel off like I'm a zombie or something lol. I get anxious easily and trying to stay awake. Also, I've been experiencing symptoms (one of them is anxious and the other is dizziness, chest pain or my heart will beat or act funny) I'm afraid that I might have diabetes or heart disease (cause it read that it can be a risk factor for lacking sleep) uhh. Someone help me out?

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Trust me try to stay off of Dr Google smh it will do more harm than good and you'll self diagnose yourself with EVERYTHING by the end of the week like all of us are guilty of 🙃But you do need to get some rest, your body is letting you know it needs sleep. Start trying to get some sleep and see how your body responds after a couple nights of good rest. Try taking an epsom salt bath, it sounds cliche but it works WONDERS!!!! Pour in two full cups of warm running bath water and soak in that paradise for 12-15 min, girl you're gonna get out that tub like 😴😴😴 best damn sleep you'll ever have 😌😌

Thank you, I will try that! I have took a shower yesterday and it made me sleepy but I kept awake lol. But yes, I need to stop searching Google for every symptom.. scaring myself. Uhh. It's crazy. I have a bad health anxiety. Like the one time I had experience some pressure feeling in the back of my head. It hurts a bit but made me nervous. All I was thinking is brain tumor, aneurysm, seizures (I have a huge fear of those)..mhm. found out that it was coming from tension headaches and looking down at my phone or holding my neck the wrong way while laying down. But since I brought seizures? Are there any chances I can get them if I stayed up a couple of days? And thank you again! I don't know if I have Epsom salt. Can I try anything else?

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