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3 years chronic anxiety need reassurance

Ok so for 3 long years now I have been suffering from constant chronic anxiety to the point where Its all I think about from the time I wake till the time I sleep. My worry is that too much damage has been done. I need reassurance that this is common, treatable, and ththat i can recover and don't have to suffer forever. I love my family and they love me and I don't want to die. Evdry thought and movement I do somehow gets related to anxiety and it's drving me insane. Some reassurace wold be great, thanks.guys

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Hi,I'm the same I've been suffering health anxiety for near 3 years and go referred me to councillour and got cbt,and trauma counciling,was in therapy for 10 months,and it did help ,but sadly I don't think you ever get rid of it ,you just learn to control it better,and not to control you,it's not easy I know,but I have a very loving and supportive husband who helps me ,don't get me wrong he does get annoyed sometimes as he hates to see me worry and make myself I'll,I really feel for you ,but just to let you know you are not alone,and there is done light at the end of the tunnel ,take care x


Anxiety, in the full range, from just being "a bit of a worrier" to your extreme where you feel it's taking over your life, is common and, yes, treatable. I don't know if you can get rid of it forever, but you can certainly get it under control - with help. Have you been to your doctor and explained how desperate you feel?


All I can say is I have had chronic anxiety for 44 years, got hooked on tranquilisers, had cancer too. I wish

I could reassure you However I am still here and Hell as it is ffolks like us has to try and live in the moment. I am trying to get information on mind fullness.

I find I am better in the evening , do you or anyone reading this find they are the same.


yes I feel better in the evenings also and trying to figure out why that is. Why is anxiety better in the evenings? Mine is worse around noon. Don't get why the time of day impacts anxiety levels.


You will get better... don't ever give up you can and will feel better... keep trying what works keep looking for new things to try and even try the things that haven't worked because sometimes they will work. The anxiety will pass... all the negativity will pass.... things can change. There are new treatments happening all the time. Things are looking good for those who suffer.... hang in there. You are in my prayers.

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Thanks bro I appreciate it


I feel the same exact way so I can relate totally. The doctor said that I was big worry wort when I was 8 I am 30 now and am going through the most horrendous bout of anxiety. I feel like I'm going to die every day and worry about everything. It is hard, I take Lorazapam as needed it does give some relief. I think we are just born this way. But you are not alone. Talk about things with me anytime. Take care.


I have lots of ailments but this GAD which I have ( generalised anxiety disorder )) is the worse I wake up in the morning feeling crap and by the evening I feel much better my councillor said that is very common mine is health anxiety x

If any one is talking about an illness my legs shake and I think i

Have it xx

I have had CBT and feel it did help but very short x


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