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Bad feelings

I constantly feel like I am going to die. Specially since last night when I had a panic attack. My heart beat got so so fast i was afraid my heart would burst and my head gets numb along with my body and my feet get cold. I have horrible anxious thoughts and Idk how to overcome them. And I keep having disturbing dreams. Seeing graves and ghosts and witches and really disturbing things. Can soneone help me pleaseee😢

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Oh feel sad for you which country you from and since how long you getting this dreams and all have you seen any docs about this what they said ??


I'm from Pakistan. They come on and off. Since years. But recently they've become almost routine. I had sleep paralysis for a year. It was mortifying. I have. They say it's anxiety and I did take anti anxieties but they made me feel more numb. So i stopped taking them. Idk what to do.


Hi, It sounds like you are having a really challenging time at the moment. I really hope that you will soon realise that you are safe and in control, even if during a panic attack you feel that you have no control. The one thing in life which is guaranteed is that we have breath, and by using that breath we can manage our anxiety.

Even though you may feel that managing your breath will not get rid of the symptoms, think of it like you are sending an e-mail or posting a request on your body's own site. By sending a message for your body to slow down, everything else will come into perspective.

So begin by taking a lovely, deep, calm breath, and sighing out. As you sigh out, let your shoulders drop, let your muscles relax, and smile. Smile because you are already taking back control.

Next, keep breathing. Be aware of your breath - is it faster than you normally go? Is it more shallow? Whatever it is doing, try to stay aware of it. Does it need to slow, deepen or become more rhythmic?

Finally, try to breathe easily and comfortably. If you still feel anxious, take a look at the clock or your watch, and try to keep this lovely, calm breathing going for 5 minutes. If you make it for 5 minutes, how about another 5.

Now think about how you are feeling. If your body feels calmer, and your mind feels calmer, and you feel calmer, congratulations on successfully managing your anxiety. If you still feel the same, do not despair, you only need to practice a little.

Nothing replaces getting professional help from your healthcare team where you are living. If your doctor was not helpful last time, it does not mean he or she cannot help, simply that they need to think of another approach. I would suggest you go back to them and ask for more support.

I wish you well, and hope that things work out for you.


Thank you so much. This helped :))


I used to be plagued by panic attacks until a doctor explained how I could 'walk them off'. Next time I had one my friend helped me to struggle through the door and into the street, and 10-15 minutes later I was walking ok and breathing properly.

This is the secret to avoiding panic. When you find yourself 'panting' and anxious, make for the door and walk briskly...............your breathing will automatically correct itself and the attack will subside.

Good luck ; I hope you overcome this horrid problem. xx


When I have a panic attack my heart beat is pretty high and fast and I cant walk usually or I feel I'd fall. Or that my heart would stop if i walked. So I don't. Walking barely ever helps me. I tried it once.


You'll have to push through the fear. The racing heart is a symptom of excess oxygen in the bloodstream flooding your system with adrenalin.

Persevere with the brisk walking and regular breathing, and you'll beat these symptoms.

Your heart isn't going to stop ; exercise will regulate it, but you can't just try it once then give takes work, but it's a big reward at the end.


I will try this for sure. Thank you so much for the support :))


All best wishes to you. x :-/


Trust me, we are on the same boat. I'm just like you right now. I hope we get through this rough patch. I know it consumes your every minute, you feel like you can't catch your breath and your heart will stop at any minute but all these are in your head. When the bad feeling comes, tell yourself that I'm not going to die, good days are waiting for me, I have a bright future ahead of me. I do this and find relief. By doing this, you can relieve yourself too and be happy and if you do this continiously, you can see all of these go away. Don't overthink when you panic, if you overthink with horrible thoughts, your adrenaline makes your body as if you are in a real danger despite there is no real danger. Once your brain sees this a sign of danger, it arranges your body to ''fight or flight'' mode and it causes you to panic when there's nothing to be scared of. If you stay calm, your body eventually calms too and you will be happy again. I know I said I'm just like you right now but I do these things when it comes and they help me to stay calm. I hope this helps.

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Hello there,

Im so sorry to hear about your panic attacks this must be very frustrating and petrifiying for you.

Have you thought of doing breathing excercises? A counsellor recently told me to count to seven whilst inhaling and then counting to eleven whilst exhaling.

Do you have good, open unpopulated areas for walking near you? Going for a long walk may clear your mind a little bit.

Id recommend seeing what medical help you can get, you may find CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) beneficial. This is all about changing the way you look at things. You may find on the internet or from your doctor local organisations that offer support classes or social events that may temporarily help. Don't feel afraid of going to these as ive been told people of all ages including teenagers to the elderly and of all social classes attending these including people whom you may not expect, also 1 in 4 of us are affected by mental health at some point in our lives so it is much very common.

I really hope your panic attacks go for you, and that you are feeling better soon :)


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