New here, HELP please. Worried about pains.. anxiety, IBS, or more serious medical issue?

Sorry for the length of this post, I just feel like i need to give every bit of information possible.

This is my first post on this site so a small bit of background information. I am a 22 year old male working as a bartender in a nightclub. I have been suffering with bad anxiety from the age of 15 or 16, progressively getting worse as the years went on. In the past few years it has been extremely bad due to lots of reasons, the main one being the drama behind my parents break-up which was about 2 - 3 years ago (but the fighting started about 8 years ago). I'll spare all the little details, lets just say I have been through a LOT of stress and bad experiences (mam and dad both had depression too), the worst is over since just recently (i hope) but I am still going through rough times. The doctor said I suffer with bad anxiety and slight depression. I also have bad OCD and am a hypochondriac. So the doctor put me on escitalopram teva tablets and sent me for councelling.

Anyways, I suffer with a lot of unusual body aches and pains. Previously I have gone to the doctor about abdominal pains and chest pains, which I was very worried about as I googled my symptoms and most websites said I had cancer or some other terrible illnesses. The doctors put them down to Anxiety and that's when they sent me for councelling. I am finished my councelling a few months now and I have recently decided to come off my anti-depressants (I only have about 2 weeks of tablets left until I will be off them completely) as the side effects are also ruining my day to day life. I constantly feel tired and have no energy, I also don't feel much emotion anymore. Most days i feel like i'm in a dream, walking around as if nothing is real. My memory is absolutely terrible, and everybody notices it too (not that them noticing bothers me) but not being able to remember what I've done in my own life is horrible. I don't feel excited for much, I just find myself worrying about my health problems instead of enjoying myself, constantly. I wake up worrying and fall asleep worrying. I have had (and am currently having) health scares. Some consist of finding hard lumps on my testicles - the lumps sometimes dissapear so the doctors told me they are fine, i have also found unusual lumps on different parts of my body, etc etc. But the doctors told me they are all nothing to worry about, but unfortunately I still worry. I also used to get all these really random uncomfortable pains in my abdominal area and chest. They would never stay in one place for more than a few hours though, it was like the pains moved to another area in their own free will. I went to the doctor and they told me it was because of my anxiety. I think they were right because the pains went after a few days of knowing there was nothing wrong with me.

Now, however, I am in a similar situation again. I just got back from the doctors the other day after going complaining about more aches and stomach problems. Basically I went in and told the doctor that my stomach is bloated and is sore, mostly in the right hand side under my right ribcage. There is a dull ache there and sometimes it feels hard inside, but sometimes it softens (slightly) again. Every now and then my chest gets this tight feeling, and then it feels like some breath has been sucked out of me. Sometimes i get stabbing pains in my chest and what feels like my heart too. She had a look at my file and said that when i got my tests done last year that I was low in folic acids. She then just prescribed me tablets for that and also vitamin D tablets, and put my pains down to anxiety again. Normally once I find out this news then the pains go, but they don't seem to be going this time. Sometimes the pain will move from under my right ribcage to in the center, around my solar plexus area. Right now however it is mainly an uncomfortable feeling in my lower right abdomin and slightly under the right rib cage. It can sometimes be pretty sensitive to push down on. I forgot to tell the doctor that I am gassy, flatulating a lot and excreting about 4 or 5 times a day (although I have always gone often enough per day, i have a very fast metabolism), it's just now when I need to go I feel like I wont be able to hold it for too long without it being really uncomfortable. I think I could have seen tiny specks of red in it, which worries me more, and bits of white that slightly resemble nuts? I also forgot to tell her that I am experiencing acid reflux again (I told one of the other doctors before though so it's on my file), i feel like my chest and throat are burning a lot and yesterday after dinner i burped up this white foamy stuff. Even today I feel when I burp that a bit of food is going to come up. And just there the other night in work I start getting a sore back (middle-bottom right area) that made me feel a bit sick. I was doing a bit of heavy lifting then and today though, so it could be just from that? My back pain seems to be getting slightly worse.. could it be the way i sleep? The worry is killing me, because no matter what is wrong with me I always think the worst.

To make matters worse, we are broke and can't afford to pay for our house anymore so we have to sell it by January or we lose it. It's not making me too sad but it is just an addition to all of my stress, as I will be leaving my family home for good and moving to a different side of the country, leaving all my friends.

So what I really want to know is can all these physical symptoms just be down to severe anxiety and stress? Or do you think I should go visit the doctor again? I am very sorry for the length of this, but any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Some additional info that might be useful:

- Sometimes get this pins and needles feeling in my left arm right down to my baby finger, which scares me and makes me think I'm having a heart attack.

- I regularly get constipated.

- My vision has gotten very blurry all of a sudden in the past few months, since I started the anti-depressants.

- I have experienced sleep paralysis which was terrifying.

- My sleeping pattern is bad from working in a club (and i used to not be able to sleep at night at all) so i go to bed about 6am, and wake up around 4pm nearly all the time. Even though that is a generous amount of sleep, my dreams do be so realistic and bizarre. Nearly every single night i have a realistic dream (that genuinely feels like it's real life) and then i wake up not knowing whether i actually am awake or not because the dream felt so real, so I wake up feeling more tired than i did before i slept.

- I feel like i suffer from Depersonalization (derealization), the doctor didn't tell me I do but I have read online about it and it is literally exactly how i feel all the time.

Thank you so much to whoever takes time to actually read and reply to this <3


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16 Replies

  • Sorry to hear you are going through all this . Yes, stress and worry can produce all those physical symptoms . It's a good idea that you got checked by the doctors and if they said you are ok, then trust them. They are the experts and God uses doctors to help heal.

    I had depersonalization/derealization long ago and found a psychotherapist Dr Pauline Holmes Phd who helped me understand it and recover . She gives bible based psychotherapy to help deal with fear and anxiety. . Today you can access her free online website at www.graceandsanity,org to listen to her topics and read her books. When you go to the website , click on "our web radio page" at the top of the screen to open the topics. You will see the "Fear " series listed among many others . May it be a blessing to you .

  • Wow, thanks for the quick reply! Really? That's mad that anxiety can do all that. I forgot to mention that when I went to visit the doctor this time that she didn't actually feel or test my stomach, but just assumed it was anxiety again. So i'm just hoping she assumed correctly. Is it also normal that when I lie in bed, certain ways i lie actually cause increased discomfort (sometimes pain)?

    Brilliant, I'll check it out! Your help is greatly appreciated, thank you.

  • Yes anxiety can cause all kinds of symptoms . You take care of yourself. Eat well, try to rest and do some light exercise like walking is good. All things are possible with God. Have faith that you will be well and all this will pass. God bless you. I'm praying for you.

  • If I were you, I would ask for an investigation into your stomach problems. Best wishes, Wendy x

  • Cheers! I am going to book an appointment to get checked, might help put my mind at ease :)

  • Peace of mind is an important thing :-) All the best with your appointment.

  • Have faith basically everything you describe is what am going trew all this health concerns but the amount stress what it does to us is triggers even more things that aren't alarming but are body things it is....

  • Yeah it's like a horrible circle isn't it. The more we stress the more pain we feel. The more pain we feel the more we stress.... Anxiety is torture lol

  • 100% sounds like anxiety related issues... You are on high alert , waiting for the next ache , pain... Meanwhile your adrenaline is racing around with nowhere to go... Only pumping into your bloodstream more anxiety, hence you are TRAPPED.. In the fear cycle.. I was and occasionally still am like this but I have better months sometimes even years and I'm good.. You can get over this .. There are several websites like .MIND I printed lots off this and referred to it, also self help books helped massively.. ( even though I could barely concentrate) somehow I could read these..( I swear by Dr Claire weeks books ) I still look at them every now and again.. I wish you the best.. The likelihood is you are fit, healthy 22year old .. Try and believe this and slowly your symptoms will start to ease... But it does take time .. !

  • Thanks so much for the lengthy response, gave me a slight peace of mind reading it. I do agree with what you're saying and I'll try out what you suggested! Thanks again for the help!

  • Hi ive been fighting anxiety for almost 4 years now. And everything that you mentioned? I have all those. The lumps? I have that in my nape, legs both legs. I have chronic abdominal pain, usually in my lower left and upperr left and sometimes upper right, went to the doctor and just gave me pain relievers. Ive been taking pregabalin for a year now. I always went to see the doctor almost everyday for the last 2 years. I had undergone lots of tests and it all went out as normal. Right now i have problems in going back to sleep from waking up at 2am and this has been 3 days in a row, maybe because i kept on thingking about my abdominal cramps, im thinking of scary things going on in my body. Im planning to visit the doctor again but i dont have the money yet. Im also done with my 2 months treatment for my gastritis just last week which i got bec of being anxious.

    I do hope we will both overcome this event in our life.

    God Bless!

  • It's a relief to see that I'm not alone with this, thank you for your reply! It's funny just reading what you typed, sounds like I could have typed the exact same thing haha, all the same symptoms and worries! Hopefully one day we can both overcome it, thank you for your reply and I wish you the very best :)

  • Hi just got home from the clinic, went to my gastro and told her everything about me having consistent abd cramps. Ill be having colonoscopy tom. The procedure is costly though but i cant sleep bc of this. So i decided to have it by tom.

    God Bless everyone!

  • hi there,

    my situation is along the same lines. feel bad without apparent reason.

    i am starting with the basics.

    1. optimising sleep. 2. optimising nutrition.

    1. had to leave my job working late night shifts. 11 pm onward is the time for body to repair. plan to use eyemask for complete darkness. having a really hard time eliminating technology before bedtime.

    2. learning what i can digest easily.

    slowly starting to feel slightly better.

    if i may suggest one thing that would be to start with the basics. sleep, food, water and rest. and a very gentle movement.

    moving to a different part of the country looks like a clean break when you can choose to begin to take care of yourself. perhaps, starting with working day time hours?

    all the best

  • You are 100% right. I have started taking more care of my body and I am seeing some slight improvements already! I never realized how bad the foods I was eating were. And i also agree I have to leave the night work for my own sake. The place I am moving to has lots more opportunity for jobs, so hopefully I can get a day time one.

    Thank you for your advice, greatly appreciated! I wish you the best in the future :) take care!

  • Hi phteven,

    You have had a lot of replies, but just wanted to add...

    That I too suffer with aching and pains in my back, arms and legs. These pains make me feel get nauseous, which in turn upsets my stomach, pains and many trips to the loo, sometimes I feel as though I have a tummy bug, but I don't. I get light headed with the fear of it all, I even have ringing in my ears and shortness of breath, but I have been told my neck and back pain could be causing this.

    Sometimes for a few moments I might feel ok, but it only takes the slightest twinge and I'm full blown off again.

    From my experience anxiety can cause so many varied symptoms,from one day to the next, it's horrible, but I think time is the only answer.

    Like you I have had some horrible family stuff going on, that's what seemed to trigger me....

    I am so sorry about your home.

    Jennyfwr x

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